For the Arl of Amaranthine during the late Blessed Age, see Byron Howe.
Cassandra, hate can only breed more hate.

Byron is a member of the Seekers of Truth and Cassandra Pentaghast's mentor. Although he is harsh with his training, Byron treats and cares for Cassandra like she was his own daughter.[1]

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Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker.

Along with Cassandra, Byron takes part in the attack on Frenic's blood magic ritual. Byron distracts the drake, allowing Cassandra an opportunity to kill it. Afterward, the Seekers rescue an elven mage girl, Avexis, from the hands of the apostates.

Cassandra shares a familial relationship with Byron.

Avexis is taken back to a Seeker stronghold in Val Royeaux at High Seeker Aldren's request. However, later that night Byron takes Avexis from her cell. Byron is spotted by Cassandra, but Byron refuses to tell Cassandra where he is taking Avexis. Eventually Byron is forced to allow Cassandra to flee with him into the nearby woods. When Byron, Cassandra and Avexis get to their destination, he reveals his fear of a conspiracy within the Chantry and the Seekers. Because of this, Byron wants to get Avexis to safety by taking her to a trusted friend outside the order. However, before he can do this, he and Cassandra are assaulted by a group of blood mages and Byron is killed.

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