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They were dwarves. They think they still are.Cole

Burning tomb guardian is a type of rage demon that guards the tomb of Fairel in the Hissing Wastes.


These demons are gangue, the corrupted part of the Stone, which should be removed. The phenomenon baffled the Magisters who came to the Hissing Wastes with the Venatori.


As part of the quest the Tomb of Fairel, the Inquisitor will visit each of the dwarven tombs scattered across what was once Kal Repartha. The traps inside of the tombs were designed in such a way that only one who knows the story of Fairel will pass. As such, if the Inquisitor attempts to solve the puzzle in an incorrect way, several Ancient Tomb Guardians and Burning Tomb Guardians will appear.


The Tomb of Fairel The Tomb of Fairel


Hissing Wastes Hissing Wastes


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