Map-Burning Tower

Map of the area

The Burning Tower is a location that the Warden encounters in The Fade during the Lost in Dreams quest.

Quests Edit

Ico Quest Broken Circle
Ico Quest Lost in Dreams

Characters Edit

  • Templar Dreamer: After besting the dreamer he will grant the power of Burning Man. This fade shape shifting ability allows the Warden to walk through flames, as well as use some flame spells.

Enemies Edit

With the exception of Shambling Corpses, all enemies in this area are highly vulnerable to Cold damage.

Special objects Edit

  • Mouse Hole (Needs Mouse form.)
  • Spirit Door (Needs Spirit form.)
  • Fire Barrier (Needs Burning Man form.)
  • Massive Door (Needs Golem form.)
  • Stairs Up. Here you can go to the next part of this area.
  • Lyrium vein As with all, click it to restore mana and health.
  • Essence of Cunning You can find this object by entering the mouse hole in the first chamber.
  • Essence of Cunning You can find the second Essence of Cunning, behind the only Spirit Door there is on this level.
  • Essence of Constitution You can find this Essence also behind the only Spirit Door there is on this level.
  • Essence of Magic: This one can be found through the Massive Door found in the south. (In the almost circle shaped part.)
  • Font of Strength: Found in the chamber where you can defeat Rhagos.

Gallery Edit

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