Burning Bridge is the location of a random encounter in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

Crow Assassin (Burning Bridge)

Crow Assassin

Enemies Edit

Notable items Edit

Potentially from the Crow Assassin:

Ico longsword Dumat's Spine
Ico dagger Fang
Ico boots light Wolf Treads
Ico armor light Blackblade Tunic

Potentially from the Qunari Mercenary:

Ico mace Barbarian Mace

Notes Edit

  • The item Assassin's Mark was supposed to be acquired in this encounter. According to said item, the attack was an assasination atempt against the Wardens ordered by the noble houses ruined by the actions of the Warden. 
  • The attack will happen even if you compleated The Trial of Crows.

Bugs Edit

  • The mini map may be glitched to be black and white with nothing on the map but a white corner, square, or triangle.
  • xbox360Icon xbox360 It will be a black map if you go to your map by pressing the back button.
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