No one can beat the Chargers 'cause we'll hit you where it hurts. Unless you know a tavern with loose cards and looser skirts! ―Bull's Chargers Anthem

The Bull's Chargers are a famous mercenary band founded and led by a Qunari known as the Iron Bull.[1] Its hodgepodge members are fiercely loyal to the Iron Bull, whether they are led into battle or into taverns.[1] Though not big enough to be an army, they specialize as shock troops and skirmishers.


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Dragon Age: Inquisition.

The Bull's Chargers were founded by the Qunari called the Iron Bull, acting on orders from his superiors in the Ben-Hassrath. The company acts as a front, accepting contracts from Orlesian nobles and then relaying the gathered intelligence back to the Ben-Hassrath.[2]


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Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Bull's Chargers emerge victorious from a skirmish with a contingent of Venatori just as The Breach occurs. Spotting the disturbance, Bull orders his troops to clean up and clear out.[3]

After the Inquisitor returns from Val Royeaux, Lieutenant Cremisius Aclassi awaits outside the Haven Chantry to offer the Chargers' services to the Inquisition. After meeting with the company at the Storm Coast, if they choose to employ Bull and the Chargers, the company can be deployed on various operations on behalf of the Inquisition. Meanwhile, Iron Bull personally serves with

If the Mages are recruited: {{{2}}}

The Chargers can be deployed to Therinfal Redoubt to investigate, ending in a confrontation with the chargers slaying an Envy demon.

If the Templars are recruited: {{{2}}} The Chargers can be deployed to Redcliffe Castle to investigate the missing mages, capturing several Venatori and exposing Arl Gallagher Wulff's unwitting involvement.

In the wake of the battle between the Inquisition and the Grey Wardens, the Chargers aid in the demolition of what remains of Adamant Fortress and exposing a Grey Warden supply cache.

Following the resolution of the War of the Lions at the Winter Palace in Halamshiral, the Chargers help persuade several other mercenary companies hired by dissident elements of the Orlesian Nobility].

Following the battle with the Red Templars and Venatori at the Arbor Wilds, the Chargers are deployed in a series of diversionary tactics, to help the Inquisition's numbers seem more substantial, while the bulk of their forces returns from south of the Dales.

Eventually, the Iron Bull is contacted by the Ben-Hassrath to discuss an alliance with the Inquisition. Returning to the Storm Coast, they disrupt Venatori attempts to sink a Qunari dreadnought, only for the Chargers to be overrun. The Iron Bull, and consequently the Inquisitor, are left with the choice to order a retreat, thus dooming the dreadnought and resulting in Bull being declared Tal-Vashoth, or to have the Chargers hold their position long enough for the dreadnought to get clear, resulting in the deaths of the entire company but cementing the alliance between the Qunari and the Inquisition and destroying the Venatori cohort on the coast.


If the Chargers survive the war against Corypheus, during the summit at the Winter Palace, Krem asks the Inquisitor to distract the Iron Bull while they move a dragon skull for his birthday surprise. Whether or not the Inquisitor continues the charade, the Iron Bull was aware of what the Chargers were doing.

Known Members

  • Iron Bull, founder and leader of the Bull's Chargers
  • Krem, Iron Bull's Tevinter-born lieutenant
  • Skinner, a bellicose city elf
  • Rocky, a dwarf sapper
  • Stitches, company healer and surgeon
  • Grim, a reserved man who speaks only in grunts
  • Dalish, an elf mage who insists she's a "backup archer" and not indeed a mage


  • Since founding, the Chargers have had a number of interesting jobs[4]:
    • Cleared Magic Trees from a Dalish "Noble's" land
    • Dressed up in feathers to scare a noble's rival (who later choked on a chicken bone)
    • Cleared a nest of spiders from a Nevarran's winter estate (after a full season to lay eggs)
    • Teamed up with a group of bandits they were hired to remove from a mine, after it became apparent that the client was working with the bandits and simply wanted them eliminated to cover up his shady dealings.
    • Defeated Gattler's Giants, a bandit group outfitted in "a dragon's weight in armor," when Bull challenged their leader to single combat and broke a dam, drowning them while the Chargers simply swam away.
    • Harass an actual giant to get it to chase them out of its resting cave into the path of a noble who would use a purchased charm to control the Giant. The Charm did not work.
    • Defended a town from fifty bandits, after which they were paid in rice

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