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BioWare canon
The following characters, lore and events in this section are non-canon in Dragon Age and exist only within the Dragon Age tabletop RPG.

Bryton is a Fereldan Bann and a possible ally for the heroes attempting to solve the conflict in Edgehall during the Fifth Blight.

Like his neighbouring lords Kail, Lanya and Parth (and Fallon and Alora), he can be persuaded to supply troops to fight against Arl Gell Lendon and Marcel Corbin.

Background Edit

Bryton, the youthful, energetic, and contemplative new lord in the region around Edgehall, inherited his authority when his father, Abberton, died of a withering disease that caused his health to deteriorate over the course of several months.

Bryton’s inexperience is tempered, at least a little, by the lessons his father imparted to him from his deathbed. Abberton raised Bryton to be a wise, generous, and compassionate leader. And while Bryton eagerly aims to live up to his father’s ideals, he hasn’t yet proven to his people that he can fill the space vacated by his father.

To the eye, Bryton is a handsome young man with a sort of bland manner. He has his father’s brown hair and brown eyes and a well-trimmed full beard. From his mother, Aureya, he inherited great height and a slender build.[1]

Followers and Forces Edit

Bryton has roughly 450 men and women under his command. Bryton’s followers were his father’s. They were loyal to Lord Abberton and they intend to honor him by trusting his son, Bryton, until they have good reason to doubt the family. These are hardy farmers and woodsfolk, though, not trained soldiers. Most of the soldiers-at-arms who followed Lord Abberton went off to battle the Blight and never returned (unlike some of the other soldiers in this part of Ferelden). The ranks of Bryton’s army are thus filled with half-trained young men and women; more of a militia. Bryton hopes that potentially showing them some civilized battlefield experience against the mercenaries of Gell Lendon (rather than fearsome Qunari or darkspawn) might sharpen their skills.

Fortunately, Bryton’s militia looks up to their leaders, a few dozen knights who either survived various battles or stayed near home to protect the land. These knights wear proper, sturdy armor that’s a few years out of fashion and bear banners and flags made by their own weavers and tailors at home. These are a rustic, modest people with dirt under their fingernails.[2]

References Edit

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