I do not care who takes the throne. Only fools fight over who owns a cottage while it burns down around them.

Ser Bryant is a Templar found in the Lothering chantry.

Background Edit

Ser Bryant commands the Templars from Lothering's chantry. He and Elder Miriam act as Lothering's makeshift administration while the Bann and his army are at war. Bryant is very devoted to protecting the refugees and other innocents in the area, focusing on getting everyone evacuated before the darkspawn horde arrives. He expresses some exasperation at the quest Redcliffe's knights are undertaking, referring to it as "foolishness".

Involvement Edit

He has also been having problems with bandits on the road to Lothering, and offers the Warden a reward for taking care of them (DAO silverpiece20). If asked if there is any help he can offer, Bryant will give the Warden the Chantry Cabinet Key, which opens the cabinet in the back of the Chantry. On ps3Icon ps3 and xbox360Icon xbox360, the cabinet will contain Ancient Elven Boots.

Trivia Edit

Unlike Knight-Commander Greagoir at the Calenhad Circle, Ser Bryant does not speak to a Mage Warden as one to lay down lesser freedoms for the sake of their best interests. He can, however, tell when one's blood is magical and promptly tells a Mage Warden to not be surprised, as he would be a very poor Templar if he could not.

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