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Bruntin Vollney is a minor dwarf noble, and a member of House Vollney. He can be encountered during the Dwarf Noble Origin.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

Bruntin Vollney confronts Scholar Gertek in the Diamond Quarter during The Nobles' Feast quest. The scholar's work has deeply offended the honor of House Vollney, a minor noble clan of Orzammar. As the Dwarf Noble closes by, they may ignore or interrupt this exchange, even going so far as to support one side of it. Upon questioning them of what is going on, they will find out that Scholar Gertek recently published a book which is even accredited by the Shaperate about the Paragons of the last five hundred years. In this book he mentions that Paragon Vollney, founder of House Vollney, became a Paragon by the narrowest margin in the history; one vote. A vote which according to the Memories wasn't obtained with very legitimate methods. However, Bruntin is deeply offended as he considers the scholar's work as slander for his house and Paragon.

The Dwarf Noble as the new Commander of Orzammar and part of royalty can have the last word in this argument and decide to:

  • Side with Scholar Gertek on the basis that truth is important and should be preserved. Bruntin becomes very angry and throws a few threats before he leaves. Gorim Saelac will then ask the Dwarf Noble if they want to have him killed. Gertek can also be asked about this and he will say that historically it's proven more prudent to eliminate the threat before it gets bigger. If the Dwarf Noble decides to have Bruntin killed they also have the option to make it look like an accident or let everyone know of what he did. In this case the relieved and grateful scholar will also offer his rescuer the history book about the Dwarf Noble's Paragon in appreciation, but may be talked out of 3DAO goldpiece trans 25DAO silverpiece trans 15DAO bronzepiece trans instead. If Bruntin is killed publicly, a dwarven noblewoman during the feast will mention how well the Dwarf Noble handled the situation.
  • Side with Scholar Gertek by ordering him to alter some of things he wrote in order to protect the Paragon's reputation. This will also satisfy Bruntin Vollney even if he still wanted to kill the scholar.
  • Side with Bruntin Vollney by ordering him to not kill Gertek, but rather drive him off.
  • Side with Bruntin Vollney by allowing him to kill the scholar.

If the Dwarf Noble sided with Scholar Gertek, further afterwards in the plot, the Dwarven Scholar can be conversed inside the Orzammar Hall of Heroes. He will mention that Gertek believes what happened to the Dwarf Noble was an injustice and a set up by Bhelen and he started to write another book about the Aeducans as he didn't forget the Dwarf Noble's assistance.

If Gertek wasn't killed, the Dwarven Scholar will inform the Dwarf Noble that because they publicly humiliated his master, Bruntin slandered Gertek's name in all of Orzammar and his books were burned.

Furthermore, if Bruntin killed Gertek, Gorim will mention that House Meino as well as other major noble houses which were the patrons of Scholar Gertek will crush House Vollney in retaliation.

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