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Brothers of Stone is a side quest in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening. In the Wending Wood, the Warden-Commander will come across two statues, one called the Statue of War and the other, the Statue of Peace, whom claim to be Avvar brothers that have been cursed by a powerful magister.


The Statue of War asks the Warden to find the remains of the Ancient Magister, and kill it so that they may be finally freed from the curse.

The Statue of Peace instead asks that the party help to calm his brother's rage, which he has unsuccessfully attempted to do over the years. Peace prefers that they both fall into an eternal slumber, but every so often he is awoken by his brother's need for vengeance. The statue explains that the magister's death will accomplish nothing as "anger and vengeance will not free them, but peace will." The Warden must then elect which stone brother side with.


If the Warden chooses to aid the Statue of War, turn around and head slightly north until reaching the small burial site. Disturbing the magister's remains summons the Ancient Magister in the form of an Arcane horror. Slay the magister and inform the Statue of War of the party's success.

If the Warden prefers to side with Peace, head back over and converse once again with War. He explains that his brother is weak and that "he was a thinker and a dreamer, not a warrior." If the Warden asks him if being angry has helped at all—a character with a Coercion skill of 100 can calm the brother—he realizes it hasn't, and will attempt to calm himself. Alternatively, without attempting to use persuasion, the Warden can ask if anyone has killed the magister in the last thousand years, War will disclose that it has been slain multiple times; the Warden will then remarks that he is still trapped. Head back to Peace for a final discussion to end the quest.


  • 750 XP

If the Warden sides with the Statue of War, next to him is a tribute left by the hero Dane: a sword, the Winter Blade, stuck in the ground.

Note: While it may seem enticing to side with the Statue of War in order to obtain the Winter Blade, it can also be potentially looted from Utha later as a rare drop.

If the Warden sides with the Statue of Peace, he tells them of his lore of herbs.


  • If the Warden kills the ancient magister, there will be two piles of bones in the field. This further expands on what the Statue of War disclosed prior in regards to the magister being killed multiple times in the past.
  • It is best to save before deciding to kill the ancient magister, as sometimes its corpse will drop nothing.
  • Even if the Warden sides with the Statue of Peace instead and completes the quest, the Warden's party can still disturb the ashes to summon the magister for experience and gold.