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Prostitutes of The Pearl

Brothels are establishments where sexual services can be purchased in addition to food and drink. In Dragon Age brothels can often be visited in major cities and are sometimes quest hubs or locations where important characters can be found.

Prostitution in Thedas[]

Prostitution in Thedas is legal and prostitutes and patrons come from numerous races and strata of society. So long as sexual indulgence is not done indiscreetly or taken to unseemly excess it is tolerated.[1] According to Sanga, proprietor of The Pearl, brothels are crafthalls afforded protection by a guild.[2] Guild rules appear to require that brothels have guards to protect the prostitutes and to make certain patrons pay the fees.

Both women and men may act as prostitutes and patrons. It is notable, however, that in all depictions of brothels Qunari appear neither as prostitutes nor patrons.

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The following characters, lore and events in this section are non-canon in Dragon Age and exist only within the Dragon Age tabletop RPG.

Prostitution exists in Orzammar as well, with the finest brothels being restricted to the highest caste dwarves, such as Warrior caste.[3]

Known brothels[]

  • The Bone Pit: A brothel located on the "sunny side" of Antiva.[5]

Known prostitutes[]

The Blooming Rose[]

The Pearl[]

  • The Lay Warden[8]


  • Upon entering The Pearl in Dragon Age: Origins, Leliana will mention that she once did a stint serving complementary tea in a brothel.
  • Upon entering The Pearl in Dragon Age: Origins, Alistair will speculate on whether the establishment is called a brothel because they serve broth. In what appears to be an homage to this dialog in Dragon Age II, upon entering The Blooming Rose, Merrill will also wonder whether the brothel is named such because of broth.
  • In romance dialog with Alistair, if told he is handsome, he will mention that he was called such in Denerim once but those women were "nothing like you," possibly implying that the women were prostitutes.


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