The bronto is an animal living mostly underground. It is herded by the dwarves but some also live in a wild state underground and other parts of southern Thedas.

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"There's only two things a noble will step aside for: Paragons and angry brontos."
--Dwarven saying.

This hulking beast was originally bred by the dwarven Shaperate as a beast of burden and food source, the rough equivalent to surface oxen and cows. Some versions of bronto have even been developed as dwarven mounts, valued far more for their sure-footedness and stamina than for their speed. While present within Orzammar in large numbers, some bronto still exist in packs within the Deep Roads, having returned to a wild state after the fall of the dwarven kingdoms. They require remarkably little sustenance, consuming organic material from water, fungus and even rocks (hence the "rock-licker" appellation used by many dwarves to describe bronto), and exist in primarily dormant states until provoked. An angry, charging bronto is considered to be a rather dangerous opponent.

Dragon Age: Inquisition: In the DA:I version a slight rephrasing has occurred in a couple of sentences, and the text is acknowledged to be cited from Tales from Beneath the Earth by Brother Genitivi.
—From Codex entry: Bronto

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Bronto - Legacy

A bronto in Legacy DLC of Dragon Age II

Charge (bronto) Charge

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  • Several brontos found in the Deep Roads seem to be actively working with the nearby darkspawn. Although it is not specified, they are likely ghouls, corrupted by the darkspawn taint.
  • Bronto leather is used in dwarven weaponry.[1]
  • A bronto is a huge rhino-like beast based on the real world Brontothere (a mammal that lived more than 10,000 years ago).[2]
  • Brontos are depicted as pack animals in the march from Haven to Skyhold, but they are never seen at either Haven or Skyhold.

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