There is much that remains to be done, after all, before the holy braziers of Ferelden shine with the glory that befits a great nation.

Bronach is the Grand Cleric of Ferelden at the end of the Blessed Age.

Involvement Edit

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Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne.

As the Grand Cleric of Ferelden, Bronach is an advisor to King Meghren. In general, her advice to the king is to try and adopt the ways of the Fereldans or marry a Fereldan noblewoman, otherwise he'd never truly become the king of Ferelden. This was something Meghren vehemently refused to do as he saw the Fereldans as little more than a barbaric and primitive population who would have no choice but to accept him, so her advice mostly fell on deaf ears. She also had a dislike for mages, particularly the king's mage advisor Severan and would often try to weaken the influence Severan held over the king in small ways to no avail.

As far as the rebellion went, Mother Bronach supported Meghren as the rightful king of Ferelden, but didn't seem to hold any particular malice towards the rebels and King Maric either - even going so far as agreeing to meet Maric himself once, though she declared that if she had a proper honor guard at the time, she'd have captured Maric, as well as using the meeting to urge Maric to surrender to Meghren's rule or at the very very least abandon his crusade.

When Meghren caught a cold from going outdoors with light clothing on during one of his parties, Bronach attempts to suggest that his illness is a sign from the Maker. At the same time, Severan comes to report that they are ready to trap and destroy the rebel army at West Hill. However, Meghren changes his mind from having Maric delivered to him to having him die in the battle. Bronach reluctantly supports the decision, believing it would be better than having the last of Calenhad's descendants paraded through the streets of Denerim.

Some time later, Bronach is again beside Meghren when Severan announces that Maric has survived the battle of West Hill and made it to Gwaren, causing rumours to spread throughout the country that he was resurrected by the Maker, resulting in the rebels defeating an Orlesian army sent to wipe out their last holdings in Gwaren, as well as setting off riots in Gwaren and Redcliffe. Meghren's response to this turn of events is to begin a spate of pre-emptive executions. Aware that such a course of action would likely only make things worse, Bronach attempts to advise Meghren to try the merciful path and prove himself the worthier king, but to no avail as Meghren violently refuses and commanded her to publicly condemn Maric as "a demon, an evil thing risen from his grave". This may have been the last straw for her, for not long after this she publicly condemned King Meghren as a dangerous tyrant and declared Maric as the true King of Ferelden, after which she fled the capital city. It is left up to speculation if her defection from Meghren's cause was the result of a legitimate moral crisis, or simply a politically-opportunistic move.

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