Brogan Dace is a dwarf of the noble caste and member of House Dace as well as a skilled reaver and berserker. He is a companion in the The Golems of Amgarrak DLC.

Background Edit

He is a faithful warrior with decades of field experience fought alongside his brother Jerrik Dace in many critical campaigns, but never sought or received the same glory heaped upon his older sibling. Yet he is content to remain in his brother's shadows. Each time House Dace mounts a foray into the Deep Roads, Brogan is there on the front lines. Considered a trifle gullible and even simple by some warriors, most consider him as solid and dependable as stone. Brogan's loyalty has never been in question. He shares a deep bond with his brother, Jerrik. Such brotherliness is a rarity among the high nobles of Orzammar.

Brogan Dace - HoDA

Tier progression of Brogan Dace in Heroes of Dragon Age

Brogan went missing in recent months on an expedition mounted by scholar Darion Olmech. What business House Dace had with Darion has been the subject of much speculation, but Lord Anwer Dace maintains a stony silence on the matter. He publicly declared that Olmech's expedition is dead, and observed a three day mourning period for the brave souls of House Dace. Jerrik refused to believe his brother was dead and invested his own coin and resources to mount a rescue operation.[4]

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Golems of Amgarrak.

Brogan is found by his brother Jerrik and the Warden-Commander, trapped in a level of the Fade within Amgarrak Thaig. He has been made mentally unstable by extensive exposure to pure lyrium, but is steady enough to wield his weapons. Upon finding the corpse of Darion, he successfully convinces Jerrik to destroy the forge within Amgarrak to make sure that the experiments that took place there could never be repeated again. Brogan assists in the destruction of the forge along with the Harvester. During the battle with the Harvester however, Amgarrak incurs heavy structural damage and after the battle ends he flees the thaig along with Jerrik and the Warden-Commander.

Initial statistics Edit

Specialization Edit

Classico berserker BerserkerClassico reaver Reaver

Skills Edit

Skill-PoisonMaking icon Poison-MakingSkl ico combat4 Master Combat TrainingSkl ico tactics 2 Improved Combat TacticsSkill-Vitality Vitality

Talents Edit

Racial ability Talent-DwarvenResistance icon Dwarven Resistance
Berserker Talent-Berserk icon BerserkTalent-Resilience icon Resilience
Reaver Reaverdevour Devour
Warrior Powerful Talent-Powerful icon PowerfulTalent-Threaten icon ThreatenTalent-Bravery icon BraveryTalent-DeathBlow icon Death Blow
Second Wind Talent second wind icon Second Wind
Weapon and Shield Shield Bash Talent wns shieldbash Shield BashTalent wns shieldpummel Shield PummelTalent wns overpower OverpowerTalent wns assault Assault
Shield Defense Talent wns shielddefense Shield DefenseTalent wns shieldbalance Shield BalanceTalent wns shieldwall Shield WallTalent wns shieldexpertise Shield Expertise
Shield Block Talent wns shieldblock Shield BlockTalent wns shieldcover Shield CoverTalent wns shieldtactics Shield TacticsTalent wns shieldmastery Shield Mastery
Juggernaut Talent juggernaut icon JuggernautTalent carapace icon Carapace

Equipment Edit

Weapons and shields Ico axe HeirsplitterIco shield towermetal The Crafthall's Wall
Armor Ico helm heavy Dwarven Full HelmIco armor heavy Dace Family ArmorIco gloves heavy Dwarven Heavy GlovesIco boots heavy Dwarven Heavy Boots
Accessories Ico belt Dwarven Smith's BeltIco amulet Par Vollen WillstoneIco ring Ring of ResistanceIco ring Ring of the Warrior

Restricted gear Edit

Ico shield towermetal The Crafthall's Wall
Ico helm heavy Dwarven Full Helm
Ico armor heavy Dace Family Armor

Notes Edit

  • The BioWare wiki mentions that Jerrik Dace is the nephew of Lord Anwer Dace and thus by extension Brogan too, which contradicts this codex entry. It is unknown which version is correct.

Bugs Edit

  • pcIcon pc Brogan is missing some points to be distributed in attributes. At level 35 there are 12 points missing.

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References Edit

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