Brekker is a human rogue working for the Coterie mainly on the southern side of Kirkwall.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

Brekker is involved in the quest Inside Job. The Bone Pit was plagued by cargo thefts for a long time but finally Hubert found a lead in order to reveal who is behind it. Hubert along with Hawke interrogate a miner who informs them when and where the next raid will happen.

Then Hawke along with Lilley who is a member of the Coterie, intercept the bandits. Soon afterwards Lilley recognizes one of the bandits as a thug working for Brekker. She informs Hawke that if Brekker is behind this, he won't live for long and leaves for the Darktown in order to find more answers.

When Hawke arrives in the Darktown, Lilley is found dead, probably killed by Brekker. When Hawke enters Brekker's territory and confronts him, Brekker reveals that he stole the cargo because he envies Hawke's wealth and that he believes that the Fereldan doesn't deserve it. Brekker cannot be reasoned with and is fought and killed.

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