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Bregan is a human Grey Warden from the Orlesian Empire. He is the former Commander of the Grey in Orlais and left his position to undertake his Calling. He is the brother of Genevieve who assumed his position soon afterwards.

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Dragon Age: The Calling.

Bregan never wanted to be a Grey Warden and only joined because the Grey Warden who recruited him, a man by the name of Kristoff who was the Commander of the Grey before him, would not take his sister if Bregan did not join. Kristoff's reasoning was that no matter how good Genevieve was, Bregan would be better. Bregan was well loved and deeply mourned when he went on his Calling. He was also responsible for Genevieve being made Commander, which Genevieve suspected that the Grey Warden's only agreed to because it would be temporary as she too would soon have to undertake her own Calling. Bregan also recruited into the order Guy, the Grey Warden who Duncan killed and the fiancé of Genevieve, in order to appease his sister.

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This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: The Calling.

During his Calling, Bregan was captured instead of being killed and was taken to Kul-Baras. There, after a failed escape attempt he eventually talked to the Architect and became part of its plan. He turned into a ghoul as the Architect's magic artificially quickened the spread of the darkspawn taint inside him. He also revealed the locations of the remaining Old Gods to the emissary. As the Architect required more Grey Wardens to help it with its plan, it elected to use Genevieve, despite Bregan's protests that his sister would be unwilling to help. After Genevieve reached Kul-Baras, Bregan found her and convinced her to join the Architect's plan however he didn't fully reveal the implications of its scheme.

After King Maric, Duncan and Fiona escaped to the surface, Bregan went with the Architect & Genevieve followed the Architect to Circle Tower at Kinloch Hold. There he told Genevieve the entire plan of the Architect. However his sister turned on him when the scale of death caused by the Architect's plan was revealed and drew her blade. As they were about to fight, the Architect intervened and killed Genevieve. This caused Bregan to turn on the Architect who could not comprehend why Bregan would do that given that he, himself was about to kill Genevieve. Bregan denied the charge, saying he would never kill his sister. Bregan attacked the Architect however Utha intervened. When he successfully left her unconscious, Bregan as well as the Architect were attacked by First Enchanter Remille who turned against all of them. Later on, as Remille fought Maric, Duncan and Fiona who freed themselves, he managed to behead Remille, after the latter was fatally stabbed in the chest by Duncan. King Maric asked Bregan to help them find the Architect which escaped along with Utha but Bregan simply requested to die with what little dignity he had left. Maric accepted Bregan's last wish and ordered his soldiers to kill him. Bregan was subsequently executed.

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