The Brecilian Ruins are old ruins of presumably Tevinter origin in the Brecilian Forest.


The spirit the Warden meets in the ruins reveals that humans had built the structure long ago. Curiously enough, it was an elven sanctuary where, according to the presence, "the eldest came to slumber", and others came to pay tribute to the gods on their behalf, explaining the presence of altars, tombs and gravestones found in the ruins. It is therefore implied that humans were coexisting with the elves in some form.

The structure and its inhabitants, human and elf, were destroyed by a "terrible presence", though exactly what that presence was had been forgotten by the Arcane Warrior's spirit over time.



Nature of the Beast Nature of the Beast

Side quests

Correspondence Interruptus Correspondence Interruptus

The Black Vials The Black Vials

The Elven Ritual The Elven Ritual

The Mage's Treasure The Mage's Treasure

The Scrolls of Banastor The Scrolls of Banastor

Unbound Unbound


Ruins Upper Level Ruins Upper Level

Lower Ruins Lower Ruins

Werewolf Lair Werewolf Lair

Note: After the Nature of the Beast is completed, traveling to the Brecilian Ruins via the world map will not place the party inside the ruins, but rather in the southern part of the East Brecilian Forest by the entrance to Ruins Upper Level. Just turn around to enter the ruins.


Ruins Upper Level

Lower Ruins

Werewolf Lair


  • To open all locked chests in the Brecilian Ruins one needs a lockpicking score of 60.
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