In the Brecilian Ruins, a life gem can be found, containing an imprisoned elf's spirit. The presence inside can give the player the Arcane Warrior specialization, but it can also describe some of the ruin's history.

Elves had built the structure long ago. It was a sanctuary where, according to the presence, "the eldest came to slumber", and others came to pay tribute to the gods on their behalf, explaining the presence of altars, tombs and gravestones found in the ruins. Humans were also present at the time, coexisting with the elves in some form.

The structure and its inhabitants, human and elf, was destroyed by a "terrible presence", though exactly what the presence was had been forgotten by the Arcane Warrior's spirit over time.



Nature of the Beast Nature of the Beast

Side Quests

The Mage's Treasure The Mage's Treasure

Unbound Unbound

The Black Vials The Black Vials

Correspondence Interruptus Correspondence Interruptus


Ruins Upper Level

Lower Ruins

Werewolf Lair


To open all locked Chests in the Brecilian Ruins one needs a lockpicking score of 60.


East Brecilian Forest East Brecilian Forest

Ruins Upper Level Ruins Upper Level

Werewolf Lair Werewolf Lair

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Brecilian Forest Brecilian Forest


If you chose to kill Witherfang and the Werewolves at the conclusion of the quest "Nature of the Beast," as you exit the Lair of the Werewolves and enter the chamber at the top of the stairs with the round raised floor and the decapitated dead knight at the center, you will see Zathrian, the Keeper of the Dalish elf clan, waiting for you. If you do not approach him, but instead bombard him with AOE spells, he can be killed for some xp and the same loot drop as if you had decided to join the werewolves and slaughter the elves. Namely, his Staff of the Magister Lords and Keeper's Ring. As you have now glitched the quest by killing Zathrian, return to the Dalish camp to find him standing in his usual position. Speak to him and the world will glitch, causing the cut scene to happen in an environment well below and off screen of the dalish camp,. If the Griffon's Beak was promised to the player for the slaying of Witherfang, however, it cannot be attained, as Zathrian disappears after the conversation that was supposed to have occurred in the Ruins Upper Level and Zathrian grants that weapon to the player upon your return to the Dalish camp if you had done it the correct way. For a player not using two handed weapons, the ring and staff might be a better choice than completing the quest as normal.The rest of the game is not glitched by this, you get a quest completion for having sided with the elves and you can enter your map screen via the back button to leave the glitched world beneath the dalish camp. Try this out.

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