People have always spoken of dark and mysterious woods, haunted by unseen beings. The Brecilian Forest is one such forest. They say the Veil is thin here and spirits from the Fade pass over, drifting through the trees and giving them an unnatural and sinister intelligence. It is said that if you feel you are being watched in the Brecilian Forest, you are. ―Leliana


When you enter the Brecilian Outskirts and the Dalish Camp, you are requested by the elder to aid his people in stopping a disease that is destroying them. To do this, you must enter the Brecilian Forest.

According the Sarel, the Dalish storyteller, there have been many wars and battles in the Brecilian Forest, many of which were between the elves and Tevinter mages. The death of so many, supposedly tore the Veil, which separates the Fade, and the real world. It's sinister air, and possessed flora, have led to many (and somewhat true) rumors and stories behind the ancient woods.


The Brecilian Forest incorporates the forest itself as well as holding the entrance to the ancient ruins also used as the Werewolf Lair. There is also a small camp here inhabited only by a madman. The forest itself comes in 2 parts, East and West. And the East part contains the Brecilian Ruins. Each of these parts will describe, in detail, the inhabitants, strategies and objects and items to be found.

Dalish Camp

Ico Hut Dalish Camp (arrival point when traveling via World Map to the Brecilian Outskirts)

The Brecilian Forest

Ico Forest West Brecilian Forest (arrival point when traveling via World Map to the Brecilian Forest)
Ico Forest East Brecilian Forest

The Brecilian Ruins

Ico Cave Ruins Upper Level (arrival point when traveling via World Map to the Brecilian Ruins)
Ico Cave Lower Ruins
Ico Cave Werewolf Lair

Companion Remarks

One of your companions may make interesting remarks at certain spots:

  • Center of the Dalish Camp
  • Near the halla pen
  • First entering the Western Brecilian Forest area
  • Near the hermit's camp in Eastern Brecilian Forest area
  • Just outside the Elven Ruins

Random Encounters

These are some of the possible random encounters you may experience when traveling to any of the Brecilian Forest destinations:

Ico Area Map Dark Forest
Ico Area Map Forest Clearing
Ico Area Map Gentle Path
Ico Area Map Rocky Road
Ico Area Map Strange Wood
Ico Area Map Twisted Forest
Ico Area Map Wooded Highway
Ico Area Map Wooded Hills

See Also

Ico Quest Nature of the Beast - the main quest line in this area
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