I am your Paragon.

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Branka's heraldy

Branka is the newest Paragon of the dwarves, having created a smokeless fuel which greatly increased production. However, two years before the beginning of Dragon Age: Origins, Branka took her entire House (save her then-husband Oghren) into the Deep Roads in the hopes of finding the Anvil of the Void. She has not been heard from since, and is presumed dead by most of the citizens of Orzammar.




  • "I don't care if the Assembly puts a drunken monkey on the throne."
  • "I am your Paragon."
  • "There it is. An ugly lump of hot metal to go over a couple of empty heads."
  • "Is this what our empire should look like? A crumbling tunnel, filled with darkspawn spume!? The Anvil will let us take back our glory!"
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