Brandel Theirin, commonly remembered as "Brandel the Defeated", was the King of Ferelden after his father King Vanedrin Theirin died against the Orlesians in the Battle of Lothering, during the Second Orlesian Invasion of Ferelden. He is the father of Moira Theirin and the grandfather of Maric Theirin.

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Though Vanderin was succeeded by his son, the youth was unable to unite the country beneath him, and for the next two decades Ferelden was mired in blood and battle before being fully occupied by the Orlesians in 8:44 Blessed. Brandel fled the capital but carried on the rebellion against the Orlesians, though he had little success in doing so. This was due to a combination of a belief amongst the nobles of Ferelden that their homeland was inescapably lost, and thus it was meaningless to resist, and a lack of charisma on Brandel's part. In the end he could do little more than run and hide, which earned him the epithet "the Defeated". It was not until his daughter Moira took over the cause that things started to look better for the rebellion.

Prince Maric remembered that his grandfather used to have a pair of golden spectacles that Maric, as a child, had a habit of stealing as a fun game.

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