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Bram Kenric is a human researcher who can be found at the Basin Floor Camp in the Frostback Basin.


Bram Kenric is the fourth son of Lord and Lady Kenric of Starkhaven. He was originally destined for the Chantry, but convinced his family that the University of Orlais would be a fashionable alternative.

He's open minded and enthusiastic about discovering new things. His main focus is on the early Chantry, particularly the era around the time of the Nevarran Accord. Unlike his fellow scholars who took Inquisitor Ameridan's history as settled, Kenric wanted answers for the many questions still surrounding the first Inquisitor. He wasn't taken seriously until he wrote to Josephine Montilyet and, with the present Inquisition's aid, mounted an expedition to the Frostback Basin.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

When the Inquisitor arrives in the Frostback Basin, Kenric explains that the final resting place of the last Inquisitor, Ameridan, who disappeared under mysterious circumstances in the early years of the Divine Age, might lie somewhere in the Basin along with information about his companions Telana, Orinna and Haron. He believes that a nearby island might hold more clues, and asks that the Inquisitor go there to gather more information. Before the Inquisitor's arrival Professor Kenric mostly relied on Lace Harding to retrieve artifacts from the Basin and the two were passing notes to each other. He also asks that the Inquisitor keep an eye out for his research assistant, Colette, who left the protection of the Inquisition camp to survey some Tevinter ruins.

The Inquisitor returns from the island with proof that Ameridan was on a mission for Emperor Drakon I. They also reveal that this information was given to them by the spirit of Telana, Ameridan's mage lover, prompting Kenric to exclaim that he might receive tenure from this sentence alone. The spirit's revelations lead the Inquisitor upriver. Kenric leaves the Inquisitor to clear the Hakkonites from the ruins while he continues his research.

Once the Inquisitor has dealt with the Hakkonites, Kenric, escorted by Scout Lace Harding, joins them. Inside the ruins, they find a pair of shrines dedicated to Andraste and Ghilan'nain, leading Kenric to believe that Telana must have been an elf, and veilfire runes leading to Tevinter trail markers. As the Inquisitor follows the trail markers, Kenric returns to the camp.

Kenric will also participate in the discussion on how best to assault the Hakkonite fortress.

After the Inquisitor has dealt with Hakkon, they can return to Kenric and tell him of their discoveries. He is shocked to learn that Ameridan was still alive inside the fortress, and even more shocked once he realizes that Ameridan was a mage. The Inquisitor can hide the fact that Ameridan was also an elf, or tell Kenric, in which case he says that he'll either be famous or beheaded. Regardless, Kenric will profusely thank the Inquisitor for helping him with his research.


Investigate Frostback Basin Investigate Frostback Basin
The Basin Beckons The Basin Beckons
Worthy of Publication Worthy of Publication
What Yet Lingers What Yet Lingers
On Ameridan's Trail On Ameridan's Trail

Note texts[]

A Baffled Note A Baffled Note
From the Journal of Havard-Pierre d'Amortisan From the Journal of Havard-Pierre d'Amortisan
A Neatly Penned Note A Neatly Penned Note
Messages Left at the Outpost Messages Left at the Outpost


  • Kenric uses the following mnemonic to remember the gods of the Elven pantheon: "Every Mother Finds Druffalo Among Sleeping Juniper Groves." However, this does not account for Fen'Harel.
  • His research assistant, Colette, is certain that Kenric will properly credit her work once their research is published, unlike many others at the University of Orlais.
  • Kenric has a pet fish that he talks to.