Bounty Hunter is an Act 2 side quest in Dragon Age II. The quest is only available if Grace and the other apostates were sent to the Circle during the Act 1 quest Act of Mercy.

The Kirkwall Templar Order is offering a gold bounty for the death or capture of several notorious apostates who have escaped the Gallows.

Acquisition Edit

This quest is acquired via the Chanter's Board.

Walkthrough Edit

Bounty Hunter - message

The message on the Chanter's Board

Kill each of the apostate mages that the templars have placed a bounty on (see the gallery for maps):

  • Jake the Black can be found in the south side of Darktown. Upon defeat, he will summon a pride abomination.
  • Innley of Starkhaven is at the very top of Sundermount. You can loot his corpse for One-Cut.
Note: The mature dragon that normally spawns at Innley's location will not appear while he is alive. Kill it before accepting the quest or leave Sundermount after killing him and return in order to fight it. The mature dragon will appear if you just enter the Sundermount Passage and immediately leave it to go to Innley's location.
  • The last of the bounties is Heborah de Soliere, who is located at the western end of the Wounded Coast. If you don't kill him fast enough, he will make himself invisible and start running away to the east. If you look at your map, you will see him as a yellow dot like your companions running away from your group; follow him to finally kill him.

The reward for this quest is granted after the last of the three has been killed; there is nobody to turn this quest in to.

Rewards Edit

  • 1000 XP

Notable items Edit

Longsword purple DA2 One-Cut, dropped by Innley of Starkhaven
Plot item DA2 Goosegirl Cameo, dropped by Heborah de Soliere

Gallery Edit

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