The Bone Pit Mines are part of The Bone Pit quarry outside of Kirkwall. A maze of half mined tunnels, the miners have become wary of opening new passages due to a series of highly lethal accidents that have resulted.

Quests Edit

Quest icon DA2 The Bone Pit - Act 1
Quest icon DA2 Eustice's Pommel - Act 1
Quest icon DA2 Cave Crawling - Act 2
Caves and mines map (DA2)

Map of the area

Enemies Edit

Act 1:

Act 2:

Notable items Edit

Crafting resources Edit

Main article: Supplier

Act 1:

Deep Mushroom DA2 Deep Mushroom, up the first set of stairs after killing the third group of dragonlings.
Lyrium Lyrium, in a niche in the back left of the first cavern (left of the stairs), after killing the first group of dragonlings

Act 2:

Lyrium Lyrium, up the stairs
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