Bolstering Ballad is a Mage spell for Zither in the Dragon Age: Inquisition multiplayer.

Information Edit

  • Requires: Cold Chord, Cold Chord, Electricity Chord
  • Elemental Resistance: 20%t
  • Spirit Resistance: 20%
  • Radius 8 meters
  • Duration: 12 Seconds

Upgrades Edit

Ico Virtuoso BolsterBallad Tug the Heartstrings
Range: 8 meters
Duration: 12 seconds
Requires: Bolstering Ballad
Bolstering Ballad also reduces your enemies' resistance to elemental and spirit damage.

Elemental resistance: -20%
Spirit resistance: -20%

Trivia Edit

  • The icon for this ability is a reference to the Album Cover Art of Aladdin Sane by musical artist 'David Bowie'.
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