Boann is one of the revered mothers of Denerim, and the only one who ministers to the Elven Alienage. She presides over the City Elf's wedding.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

According to Soris, she is the only priest who ever visits the Alienage. Boann tried to start the wedding ceremony, only for Bann Vaughan to arrive with armed guards to kidnap the elven women of the ceremony.

Once this happens she stays with the elven folk participating in the discussion on what to do regarding the kidnapping, but not for long, because some drunk elves were accusing her of being a human.


  • Mother Boann is mentioned in a conversation between Sister Theohild and Mother Perpetua. According to Theohild, Brother Caedmon sings very badly the Chant of Light, to which Boann quipped "If we had more voices like this, the Maker couldn't fail to take note of us".
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