Boann is one of the revered mothers of Denerim, and the only one who ministers to the Elven Alienage. She presides over the City Elf's wedding.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

Boann begins the wedding ceremony, but is prevented from continuing by Vaughan's arrival and his subsequent kidnapping of the women of the wedding party.

Elder Valendrian will tell a male City Elf that Boann is now safe after some drunken wedding guests started threatening her, as the only unarmed human around.

If the Warden is captured late in the game and two of the party's female members pose as priests, Mother Augustine will refer to Boann as "the Grand Cleric's right hand".

Trivia Edit

  • Mother Boann is mentioned in a conversation between Sister Theohild and Mother Perpetua. According to Theohild, Brother Caedmon's singing voice is horrendous, and upon hearing him try to recite the Chant of Light, Mother Boann quipped, "If we had more voices like this, the Maker couldn't fail to take note of us".
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