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The Bloody Plains is a random encounter in Dragon Age: Origins. The party is ambushed by a group of darkspawn who have laid traps around the area.

Enemies Edit

Notable items Edit

Rgt ico deathroot Deathroot
Rgt ico elfroot Elfroot

Special objects Edit

Strategy Edit

  • As the area is covered with traps, it is suggested you give the hold command to your party and let the Hurlock Alpha come to you, while using ranged attacks on the other enemies, starting with the Hurlock Emissary.

Solo strategy Edit

This very common random encounter is actually one of the toughest fights for a solo character. Small area with no cover, many traps, a mage, two Talent-Berserk icon Berserk-capable archers, two Talent-Berserk icon Berserk-capable W&S warriors, and a 2H lieutenant that can literally one-hit an unarmored character if he doesn't miss.

That said, it can be done by a solo Classico ranger Ranger with just The Sorrows of Arlathan The Sorrows of Arlathan and Ico armor robe Senior Enchanter's Robes. Talents required: Talent arch arrowofslaying Arrow of Slaying, Talent-SummonSpider icon Summon Spider, Talent arch defensivefire Defensive Fire, Talent arch masterarcher Master Archer, Talent-MasterRanger icon Master Ranger.

More details regarding the strategy here.

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