Bloody Grasp is a mage spell from the Power of Blood tree in Dragon Age: Origins. It is only available through the Warden's Keep DLC.

Information Edit

  • The spell deals (30 + 0.3 * Spellpower) spirit damage and an additional 100% damage against Darkspawn applied over 6 seconds.
  • Since the damage is the same as Arcane Bolt, minus the bonus against darkspawn, there is not much sense in using this over the basic spell to non-darkspawns.
  • It also drains 20 health immediately upon its use (10 in Awakening).
  • Range: 25m.
  • Conjuration time: 2s.

Notes Edit

Bugs Edit

  • If the caster is protected by the Anti-Magic Ward, no health is drained.
  • The status icon persists on your sustained abilities and does not drop after the target used on is dead. A templar's cleanse area (tested only on Xbox) or a hostile dispel that strips all magic gets rid of it.

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