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Blood Thirst is a warrior talent from the Power of Blood tree in Warden's Keep for Dragon Age: Origins.


  • Blood Thirst grants bonuses of -20% animation time (25% boost to melee attack speed), +10% melee and ranged critical chance, and +20% movement speed. While activated, it drains -10 health every 2s and damage taken is increased by +20% (increasing the self damage to -12). Talent upkeep cost is 30 stamina and cooldown is 5s.
  • Conjuration time: 1s.


  • Upkeep is in stamina.
  • Attained by drinking the Alchemical Concoction.
  • +25% DPS increase means this talent reduces animation length by 20%, and so can stack with Momentum talent without breaking the 50% animation length reduction limit, and, consequently, without causing attack speed overflow bug.
  • While Blood Thirst does not increase ranged attack speed, it is not affected by Ranged Attack Speed Bugs, either.
  • While Blood Thirst is running, any additional bleeding damage from Dual-Weapon Expert is also applied to the warrior. There is an unofficial fix for PC available here.
  • Stacking this ability with Haste and a Swift Salve results in fast exploration speed. Excellent for tedious backtracking often required in locations such as the Deep Roads.

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