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|activation = 40
|activation = 40
|cooldown = 30s
|cooldown = 30s
|duration = >10s
|duration = 15s
|effects = {{ColorPositiveStat|100% enslavement vs normal enemies}}
|effects = {{ColorPositiveStat|100% enslavement vs normal enemies}}

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Blood Slave is a mage talent from the Blood Mage specialization in Dragon Age II.


  • 100% enslavement vs normal enemies
  • As of patch 1.03, the duration is greater than 10 seconds.
  • As of patch 1.03, if the spell is ineffective, the victim's current action is canceled.
  • At least in Act III Hard difficulty, normal enemies will not be killed by this spell. The "particularly powerful" phrase may correlate with target opponents' health.


Blood Slave Blood Spatter
Size: 4m
Requires: Level 16
When a Blood Slave dies, it explodes in a shower of gore that damages all nearby enemies.

Damage: Equal to 75% of the victim's maximum health on affected enemies


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