Blood Ring is a ring in Dragon Age: Origins.

Acquisition Edit

Obtained from the Proving Armsman after completing the Proving After Dark quest in the Orzammar Proving.

Background Edit

There are clear signs that this ring was made in the Tevinter Imperium, it's covered in dragon motifs, for one thing. And it gives anyone who wears it a slightly uneasy feeling, for another. But beyond that, very little is known about it. Warriors of House Ivo took this ring in the Blessed Age from the hand of a madman, a surfacer mage who had wandered into the underground and attacked lyrium miners near Orzammar. From there, the ring changed hands many times, until its history had been lost and the dwarves no longer remembered how it had ever come into their lands.
—From Codex entry: Blood Ring

Notes Edit

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