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For the talent in other games, see Blood Frenzy (Dragon Age II) and Blood Frenzy (Inquisition).

Blood Frenzy is a warrior talent from the Reaver specialization in Dragon Age: Origins.


  • Adds +1 damage for every 10% of health below the reaver's maximum health, i.e. from +1 damage when at 90% of maximum health to +9 damage when at 10%.
  • -5 health regeneration (both combat and exploration).
  • Conjuration time: 3s.


  • Upkeep is in stamina.
  • Blood Frenzy's health regeneration penalty can be mitigated with Resilience's (Berserker) bonus which gives +1.5/+3 health regeneration, or with gear such as the Cailan's armor set (+5 health regeneration).
  • Unlike mana regeneration rate, health regeneration rate is capped below at 0, so characters do not lose health over time when they have negative health regeneration rate.

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