Blood Brothers is a side quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition

A templar has left a note to his apostate brother, challenging him to a fight.

Acquisition Edit

Read a note stabbed to a beam in a hut to start this quest. The hut is located on the road between the Outskirts Camp and the Crossroads--it is south of both locations. The note reads:

A Letter in an Empty Home

Brythis, I know you escaped with the other mages, and I know you'll come here. Father told you that if you ever strayed, he'd put you down himself. If you're here, you know he's dead, but I'm not. I'll be killing apostates and waiting for you at old Fennick's place to the north. I've got Father's sword and my true brothers in the templars. Come if you're man enough.


Walkthrough Edit

Once you have read the note, a new location will be marked on your map, north of the Crossroads. Go there by following the Redcliffe Road and loot the corpse at that location to complete the quest.

Rewards Edit

Picking up the note yields

  • 50 XP

Locating the body yields

  • 44 XP
  • 40 Influence

Looting the body and completing the quest yields

  • 44 XP
  • 40 Influence
DAI-swordicon1-rare Mercenary Lord Blade

Other Edit

  • Not far from the body of this quest is another, guarded by a rebel spellbinder and a sellsword. After killing them, the Inquisitor can loot a letter from the body, which starts a new quest Business Arrangements.
  • A bottle of Butterbile 7:84 can be found in the locked house behind the corpse for the Bottles on the Wall collection.
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