Block and Slash is a warrior ability from the Two-Handed Weapon tree in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Information Edit

  • Damage: 150% weapon damage
  • Cost: 10 stamina
  • Upkeep: 5 stamina per second

Notes Edit

  • Upon activation, the warrior is placed in a defensive position (and does nothing else), and the first incoming melee attack will be blocked harmlessly.
  • This stance can be toggled off to conserve stamina or do something else.
  • When an attack is blocked, the caster loses 20 stamina (value may change, depending on the attacking creature's rank.) If the caster has less than 20 stamina, the attack will still be blocked and the resulting counterattack made, and the caster's stamina will be reduced to 0.

Upgrade Edit

Block and Slash Flawless Defense
Requires: Block and Slash
Countering an enemy's attack now does bonus damage and adds to your guard.

Damage bonus: 50%
Guard amount: 15%
Block and Slash Spinning Defense
Requires: Trespasser
Your counterattack does more damage and now slashes in a full circle.

Damage Bonus: 200%

Bugs Edit

  •  Costs 4% of max stamina per second to sustain, instead of 5 stamina per second. An unofficial fix for pcIcon pcis available here.
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