For the spell in Dragon Age: Origins, see Blizzard (Origins).

Blizzard is a mage spell from the Winter tree in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Information Edit

  • Ice damage: 75% weapon damage per second
  • Chill duration: 8 seconds
  • Area of effect: 8 meters
  • Cooldown time: 24 seconds
  • Cost: 5 mana per second

Upgrade Edit

Blizzard (Inquisition) Ice Storm
Upgrade Blizzard now chills enemies, progressively slowing them until they are frozen.

Area of effect: 3 Meters
Blizzard (Inquisition) Winter Winds
Requires: Trespasser
Blizzard continues without your having to sustain it.

Cost: 40 mana
Duration: 10 seconds

Notes Edit

  • The spell should dissipate automatically when combat ends or mana runs out. Due to a possible bug (see below), it is advised to stop the spell manually before draining mana completely
  • The spell's on-going damage will not trigger mana recovery from Restorative Veil or create secondary lightning bolts inside Lightning Cage (upgraded Static Cage)
  • It is possible to maintain this spell indefinitely (until combat ends) with on-hit mana gain from Restorative Veil (using alternative attacks and spells) or on-kill mana gain from Death Siphon. All basic mana regeneration, including from increasing effects such as Winter Stillness and Rejuvenating Barrier, is disabled while the spell is active

Bugs Edit

  • This spell can be bugged when you run out of mana while sustaining it (the quickbar symbol becomes red color and would not allow another casting even after mana is restored). Turn off the spell prior to reaching 0 mana.
  • There is a widely reported ( Google search ) bug with this spell where the icon turns red and the spell cannot be cast a second time in the same combat. Workarounds include removing the spell from the quickbar and replacing and/or toggling it in the Tactics menu.
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