The "Blight Orfans Notis Bord" is a Quest Board located in the Crown and Lion Inn in the City of Amaranthine. The "Notis Bord" is supposedly set-up to provide donations for children orphaned from the Blight. However, as quests are completed, certain patrons of the inn appear to be getting drunk on someone else's coin, as well as talking about the actions the Warden-Commander made in completed Blight Orphans quests.

Quests Edit

Ico Quest The Blight Orphans?
Ico Quest The Blight Orphans (Again)
Ico Quest Moonshine for the Children
Ico Quest The Sermons of Justinia II
Ico Quest Those Sweet Orphans
Ico Quest The Scavenger Hunt
Ico Quest A Present for Melisse
Ico Quest Making Amends

Notes Edit

  • There will be a "Donashun Box" after you donate 50 DAO silverpiece trans.
  • While these quests seem questionable (since, you lose approval with certain party members), keep in mind that completing all the quests will have a small impact on the epilogue.
  • If Amaranthine is saved the epilogue, the slideshow mentions the character Dirk as being one of the pranksters behind the scam. Inspired by the Warden-Commander's actions, he starts a legitimate charity and has two children with his sweetheart Melisse.
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