Blessing of the Ancestors is a rogue talent from the Legionnaire Scout specialization in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

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  • If Strength of Stone with Blessing of the Ancestors is activated while Endure Hardship is being sustained, then, Endure Hardship will terminate, and all damages will be negated, vice being converted to stamina.
  • If Endure Hardship is started while Strength of Stone is still active, then, all damages will be converted to stamina, vice being nullified, even though character status on Quickbar/Toolbar displays that Strength of Stone is still active.
  • In regard to Stealth, this talent's immunity will give protection from impact damage of AoE spells/talents, so the rogue will maintain stealth. However, spells with damage-over-time or secondary effects will break stealth.

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