Blade of Mercy is a unique greatsword in Dragon Age II.

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The Blade of Mercy gift can be found during the Act 3 main quest Best Served Cold, unlocking Fenris' quest. Giving the sword to Fenris results in a restricted version, while choosing to keep it results in this unrestricted weapon that can be used by any two-handed warrior, including Fenris.

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An enchanted replica of the blade Archon Hessarian used to slay Andraste as she burned—an act of mercy that he said the Maker commanded.

Of course, the Tevinter Imperium did not become part of the Chantry until well after its formation centuries later, so the first of these blades was created in 2:2 Glory as a gift from Archon Therion to his general, Lord Galineus, for battles fought at the height of the Second Blight. Since then many archons gave similar gifts and it is seen as a badge of honor within the Imperium—though more than one of these blades have ended up on the black market, either stolen or sold by the recipients when their family fell on hard times.

Ironically, one of the four swords found impaled in the body of assassinated Queen Madrigal of Antiva in 5:99 Exalted (thus inspiring the Age of Steel) was a Blade of Mercy. It was a great sacrilege to the Chantry.
—From Codex entry: Blade of Mercy


  • This version of the Blade of Mercy does not use the same model as depicted during the quest, when Fenris examines the blade. The model for this one more closely matches the one wielded by Hessarian (and therefore is likely to be the "canon" appearance for all replicas), but the Fenris-exclusive one more closely matches his starting weapon, Lethendralis.

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