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For other uses, see Blade of Mercy.

Blade of Mercy is an Act 3 companion quest for Fenris in Dragon Age II.


Blade of Mercy (gift) can be found in a chest in Secret Meeting Place during the Act 3 main quest Best Served Cold. Acquiring this item automatically starts the quest.


Talk to Fenris in his Hightown mansion to continue the quest, where you can learn more about the Tevinter Imperium. If you are friends with Fenris, you may give him the Blade of Mercy, which he will equip. If you and Fenris are rivals, he will get mad at you and tell you he wants nothing to do with the blade; however, you can equip him with it and he will use it without comment. Alternatively, you may keep the sword for yourself. The resulting greatswords are slightly different; Hawke's (unrestricted) version is better, and any Two-Handed Warrior can use it, including Fenris.


  • 250 XP if Fenris accepts the sword
  • Blade of Mercy (unrestricted) or Blade of Mercy (Fenris)
  • Friendship (+15) if he keeps the sword (Hawke and Fenris are friends)
  • Friendship (+10) if you keep the sword (Hawke and Fenris are friends)
  • Rivalry (+15) if he rejects the sword (Hawke and Fenris are rivals)
  • Rivalry (+10) if you keep the sword (Hawke and Fenris are rivals)

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