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Blackwall's dialogue contains a list of remarks and conversations he has with his companions.

Blackwall's remarks[]

  • (Finding a shard) I think the Inquisition should learn about these things before we fiddle with any more of them.
  • (Finding a shard) This desert temple seems to require a great many keys.
  • (Seeing a Hurlock alpha) The one with the extra armour must lead the pack.
  • (Seeing a high dragon) A dragon. Do we ever have uneventful days?

Combat comments[]

Kill an enemy

  • One less to worry about!
  • Done and done!
  • Down you go!

Low health

  • I'm not backing down!
  • I might need some help here!

Fallen companions

  • (Inquisitor) No!
  • (Inquisitor) You're not giving up this fight!
  • (Varric) Varric! Why'd you have to taunt them like that?
  • (Sera) I told that girl to stay out of the way!
  • (Sera) Sera!
  • (Dorian) Dorian!
  • (Dorian) You better not be dead, mage!
  • (Cassandra) Cassandra!
  • (Cole) Cole!
  • (Vivienne) Madame Vivienne!
  • (Iron Bull) Bull!
  • (Solas) Solas! I told you to stand back!
  • (Solas) Solas! Damn it!

Location comments[]

Cradle of Sulevin

  • (Entering the area)
    • Inquisitor: So this is where the Sulevin Blade was lost.
    • Blackwall: Doesn't look so dangerous. Perhaps the stories were just that.
  • (Approaching an altar)
    • Inquisitor: There's an altar.
    • Blackwall: So, do we find the sword, a trap, or both?


  • (Near the lake, before the rift is closed) Does that rift mean water is pouring into the Fade right now?
  • (Near the lake, after the rift is closed) Always liked lakes. Bet the fishing here was good. Before the Blight and the Fade rift, anyway.
  • (Old Crestwood) Look at all the dead. Waiting for help that never came.
  • Lots of bandits in these parts. Can’t blame them I suppose. It’s hard making a living these days.
  • This wet cold just seeps into your bones, doesn’t it?
  • What is it with Ferelden and the undead? Didn’t Redcliffe have the same problem?

Emerald Graves

  • It's sad to see Corypheus corrupting a place like this.
  • I passed through the Emerald Graves once, ten years ago. Nothing's changed in that time.
  • Did you see those trees? They're gigantic.
  • (Near old Elven statues) All this - these statues. They have to mean something, right?
  • (Elgar'nan's Bastion) Impressive. Wish I could see it as it was.
  • (Spreading ashes during Last Wishes) May you find peace. Whoever you are.
  • (Outside Din'an Hanin after completing Investigate Elven Ruins)
    • Inquisitor: It's Taven's party.
    • Sera: The one after elfy history? Figures. That's a bunch of dead all the way back.
    • Blackwall: Looks like they tried to fight back, but most were unarmed.
    • Blackwall: Poor buggers never stood a chance.
  • (Din'an Hanin - on engaging the Venatori and Red Templar party) Corypheus uses these people. Can they really not see that?

Emprise du Lion

  • (Across Judicael's Crossing, on edge of cliff) Pretty, but frigid. Reminds me of someone I used to know...
  • Colder than I expected.
  • What I wouldn't give for some warm spiced wine...
  • (Near Red Lyrium)
    • Blackwall: Feels warmer around the crystals.
    • Varric: I'd rather be cold than touch that stuff.

Exalted Plains

  • I wonder if the elves will ever find a home.
  • I was always told to avoid the Dales. Something about Dalish curses - not that I'm superstitious.
  • I wonder what this all looked like before the war.
  • There’s… not much here, is there? Perhaps that’s why it was given to the elves. Says a lot about the ones doing the giving.
  • (Ferb's old fishing pier) Wonder if the fishing’s good. If we had an hour or two…
  • (The Crow Fens) Know what it's like to have leeches in your pants? No? Well, now you do.


  • (Conversing with the Nightmare)
    • Nightmare: Perhaps I should be afraid, facing the most powerful members of the Inquisition. (Laughs.)
    • Nightmare: Like Blackwall. Ah, there's nothing like a Grey Warden. And you are nothing like a Grey Warden.
    • Blackwall: I'll show you a Warden's strength, beast.
  • (Seeing the Nightmare) It feeds on our fear! Let it go hungry tonight!

Fallow Mire

  • Well, this is all very pleasant.
  • It's so wet. Why haven't the dead rotted away?

Forbidden Oasis

  • Can you imagine coming out here for a mining contract?
  • This sand just gets everywhere, doesn’t it?
  • (At the door to Solasan)
    • Inquisitor: Something feels wrong here. It’s worse by the door.
    • Blackwall: I agree. Something's not right.
  • (Only killing the Venatori outside the Solasan) I preferred this place without the company.


  • (At the Crossroads) I tried to do what I can here, but with the Inquisition, I can do more.
  • I've always liked Ferelden. It's a straightforward sort of place.
  • The mage conflict has been hard on the people here.
  • 'Hundreds of people have had their homes destroyed by the demons.
  • 'If you ever go to Redcliffe's tavern, don't eat the cheese. Just... don't.
  • (Completing Apostates in Witchwood) With these apostates dead, the refugees should be safer on the King's Road.
  • (Discovering that each ocularum is made from the skull of a Tranquil I had wondered what became of those poor souls when the Circles collapsed. Now we know.
  • (Encountering darkspawn in Valammar, pre-Revelations)
    • Inquisitor: Darkspawn.
    • Inquisitor: How many can we expect to encounter? Blackwall?
    • Blackwall: It's... hard to say. Keep your guard up.

Hissing Wastes

  • We should keep moving. It'll keep the chill at bay.
  • If you told me this place never ends, I'd believe you.
  • (Coughs.) Bloody sand. Getting in places where sand shouldn't ever be.
  • Does the wind ever stop blowing?
  • I forgot how far you can see in the desert.

Redcliffe Castle

Storm Coast

  • Been a long time since I was at sea.
  • "An old salt now, that is what I am. As I sail these stormy waters."
  • Ah, cold salt air.
  • A hundred wrecked ships lie beneath these waters. It isn’t called the Storm Coast for nothing.
  • 'Ever heard of the pale ship that appears on the mists? The Windy Marcher – I think that’s what they called it.
  • I always liked the sea.
  • (Approaching the sea)
    • Cole: "One by one they follow me, laughing, drowning in the sea."
    • Cole: The rest of the poem is sad.
    • Blackwall: But the start was so cheery.
  • (Underneath the apostate's cabin) I wouldn't linger here.

Winter Palace

  • (After meeting Briala in the Grand Apartments)
    • Blackwall: Does it seem strange that every single person at this party has tried to bribe us?
    • Vivienne: It's the Game, my dear. Everyone plays it here.
  • (In the Hall of Heroes)
    • Noble: Don't I know you from somewhere?
    • Noble: Ah! Lord Rudalt de Lancre... I've seen you in his company before, no?
    • Blackwall: I... don't think we've met, my lord. I'm just a Grey Warden.
    • Noble: A Grey Warden? Odd, your face is so familiar.
    • Noble: Around the eyes, especially. Perhaps without that beard...
    • Noble: More wine! It will come to me.

Western Approach

  • (Entering Coracavus)
    • Blackwall: Looks like the darkspawn are nesting here.
    • Vivienne: What a useful insight.
    • Inquisitor: This can't be all of them. There must be more further in.
  • (On finding the blood-splattered note in Coracavus)
    • Blackwall: Using giants as beasts of burden. It's mad.
    • Cole: They're very strong and very angry.
  • (On finding 'A Crumpled Note' in Coracavus)
    • Inquisitor: Venatori. They've been excavating. I take it breaking into Darkspawn tunnels wasn't part of the plan.
    • Blackwall: If their plan is to be a thorn in our side, they're doing just fine.
  • (On defeating the giant in Coracavus) Not exactly the fight I was expecting when we got here. At least we got the job done.
  • (On sighting the giant after leaving Coracavus) More giants. That can't be good.
  • (On entering the Astrarium cave) What's in there, I wonder?

Hissing Wastes tombs during The Tomb of Fairel[]

All comments take place inside tombs during the quest The Tomb of Fairel.

  • Inquisitor: There's the door.
  • Blackwall: The sooner we're gone, the better.
  • Inquisitor: Is that the voice of experience?


  • Blackwall: Years ago, I was hunting in the Silent Plains. Darkspawn, you know.


  • Blackwall: Years ago, I was hired to find a man who'd gone missing in the Silent Plains.
  • Blackwall: It's pure dust out there. Fine as ash. A breeze can choke you for days.
  • Blackwall: But I was with stout men. Like Wilfred. Wet behind the ears, but Maker, he was eager to prove himself.
  • Blackwall: We made camp, said we'd have stories once we got back home. Then the storm blew in.
  • Inquisitor: Another tomb.
  • Blackwall: At least we'll have shelter if the wind comes up.
  • Inquisitor: Will there be a storm?
  • Blackwall: Better pray not. I was caught in a desert storm once. We dug in, expecting sand, but what we got was rain.
  • Blackwall: Never seen anything like it. We climbed some rocks, but it was days until the waters went down.
  • Blackwall: Lost our supplies in the flood. For a while, I thought we'd end up starving. Or bashing in Wilfred's head for a stew.
  • Inquisitor: Got it.
  • Blackwall: Not a moment too soon.

If Blackwall told the previous part of the story:

  • Inquisitor: You still haven't explained how you didn't starve in the desert.
  • Blackwall: Wilfred found berries growing on top of the rocks we were stranded on. It was that or nothing.

If Blackwall hasn't told the previous part of the story:

  • Inquisitor: You sound eager to leave.
  • Blackwall: I was stranded in a desert once. Ran out of food. One of the men I was with found some little purple berries for us.
  • Blackwall: An hour later, he started screaming. We both started screaming.
  • Inquisitor: Poison?
  • Blackwall: Er... no. I wouldn't call it that.
  • Blackwall: I was convinced a ring of nugs was singing sea shanties to us for two nights running.
  • Inquisitor: Let's see what's in this one.
  • Blackwall: Fine, but let's not linger.
  • Inquisitor: Not fond of deserts after what you've been through?

If Blackwall told the previous part of the story:

  • Blackwall: I didn't even tell you the worst of it. We woke up three days later. No armor. Surrounded by hungry ghasts.

If Blackwall hasn't told the previous part of the story:

  • Blackwall: The last time I was in a desert, I woke up to find ghasts stealing our weapons and armor.
  • Blackwall: The first thing I saw was the little monsters trying to drag us off into some dank pit.
  • Sera: Wait, wait, wait. Ghasts... pits... Ghast-holes?
  • Blackwall: I'm never telling this story again.
  • Sera: (Snickers.)
  • Inquisitor: How did you escape?
  • Blackwall: You'd be surprised what a man armed with a rock and a headache can do.
  • Inquisitor: I've never seen a rune like this before. Is this what the Venatori were after?
  • Blackwall: Men have died in the desert for worse things.

If Blackwall was brought to the third tomb:

  • Inquisitor: But not you?
  • Blackwall: Wilfred. Damn fool survived a flood, a bout of madness, ghasts, even a wyvern that stalked us halfway out of that wasteland...
  • Blackwall: A day out from civilization, he did the stupidest thing you can do in a desert.
  • Inquisitor: What's that?
  • Blackwall: Tried to steal someone's water while he was sleeping.


  • Blackwall: Sometimes, even after they take the armor... some people just aren't fit to be Wardens.


  • Blackwall: Maker help us, we left the idiot bastard's bones where they lay.
  • Blackwall (Conditional: Male Inquisitor): Took a week with the bounciest doxy in Hunter Fell to put the desert from my mind.

Jaws of Hakkon DLC[]

Frostback Basin

  • (Swamp Kuldsdotten)
    • Blackwall: How can it be so dark?
    • Sera: Because there’s no light, silly.
    • Blackwall: Ah... yes, that must be it.
  • (Varsdotten River)
    • Blackwall: I wonder what they're catching up here. Sunfish? Trout?
    • Varric: How do fish even get into the mountains? Can they climb?
    • Sera: Fish stink until fried. Then get in my mouth.

The Descent DLC[]

(Deep Roads)

  • (Conversation with Renn)
    • Inquisitor: I heard the Hero of Ferelden came down here during the Blight.
    • Renn: Kardol met the Warden, but I never had the pleasure.
    • Inquisitor: Do you often see Grey Wardens?
    • Renn: From time to time. They're a good bunch. Tough in a fight. Fearless.
    • Blackwall: Any Warden would say the same about the Legion.
  • (Bastion of the Pure)
    • Valta: I see no evidence of darkspawn here.
    • Blackwall: Maybe they know better than to come down this far.
    • Inquisitor: Let's just be grateful.
    • Valta: But there must be a reason they avoid this place...

Trespasser DLC[]

Elven Mountain Ruins

  • Blackwall: Too bad we’re not here at night. We could come back when it’s dark, use the stars to see exactly where we are.
  • Iron Bull: What’re you thinking? Turn this into a safe house for spies? A secret storehouse?
  • Iron Bull: No, wait! A training course for elite soldiers!
  • Blackwall: Can’t a man just be curious?
  • Iron Bull: I guess.
  • Sera: Or, we could leave, sit in a tavern, and figure out where we were while we are somewhere better.
  • Blackwall: You’re not even a little curious?
  • Sera: (Chuckles.) You know I’m not.
  • Blackwall: (Chuckles.) I’ve missed you, so.
  • Cole: We’re on the ground.
  • Blackwall: I meant where in the world.
  • Cole: But I’m right here.
  • (If Cole is more spirit) Blackwall: I don’t… (Sighs.) The more things change…
  •  Cole: Don’t worry. I can’t anymore.
  • (If Cole is more human) Blackwall: No, I meant… Are you having me on?
  • Varric: Come back in the dark. For Qunari to ambush us.
  • Blackwall: Lost your sense of adventure already, Master Tethras?
  • Varric: I forgot how much you always liked this kind of crap.
  • Blackwall: Just think of it as research for one of your stories!
  • Varric: Rainier, how do you think I survived a year with the Inquisition without cracking?

Deep Roads

  • Blackwall: You can practically feel it, can’t you? All that rock hanging above your head.

(If Blackwall is a Grey Warden.)

  • Blackwall: Maker, I hate fighting underground.  
  • Vivienne: The specter of your Calling must be quite the burden
  • (If Vivienne is Divine.) Blackwall: (Chuckles.) Words of comfort for when I meet my demise, Your Holiness?
  • (If Vivienne is not Divine.) Blackwall: (Chuckles.) Thinking of me in the Deep Roads, Lady Vivienne?
  • Blackwall: Everyone’s destined to die sometime. Not many can say they’ll be doing service to something worthwhile when it happens.
  •  Vivienne: You wear the grey better than I thought, Ser Rainier.
  • Dorian: And you wanted to become a Grey Warden?
  •  Blackwall: Did you want to join the magisters?
  • Dorian: No, but I can’t walk away from the Magisterium. There are responsibilities I…
  •  Dorian: Oh, I see. Very clever. Look at us both taking on burdens of life, et cetera.
  • Blackwall: It’s not so bad. One of us will spend his life fighting against howling, relentless monsters…
  • Dorian: (Sighs.) And you’ll be fighting darkspawn.
  • Blackwall: I know which I prefer, Pavus.
  • Cassandra: Tell me, Rainier. Do you ever think about…
  • Blackwall: The Calling? Ending up in the Deep Roads piked on some darkspawn’s sword?
  • Blackwall: I talk about it with the younger recruits. Helps them get through the fear.
  • Blackwall: Some of them see the grey in my beard and ask what kind of old bastard joins the Wardens so late in his sorry life.
  • Cassandra: What do you tell them?
  • Blackwall: “Drop and give me fifty,” for starters.

(If Blackwall was pardoned.)

  • Blackwall: Smuggled an unpopular baron out of Orlais once. He insisted we use the Deep Roads so no one would follow.
  • Blackwall: Ninth day out, we camped in a cavern by the lake. Stunk to high heaven, but I couldn’t place the smell.
  • Blackwall: We woke to a Carta ambush. I shouted orders. Grabbed a sword and a lantern. The dwarf fighting me froze at the light.
  • Blackwall: On a hunch, I told my men to run, cut down the dwarf, and tossed the lantern into the lake.
  • Blackwall: It exploded into flames. Some sort of oil in the water. Found the surface just in time, since the blaze went for days.
  • Iron Bull: Rainier, how are you still alive?
  • Blackwall: They say the Maker has a soft spot for fools.  
  • Sera: Was that a bedtime story? Try setting a duke’s shitter on fire.
  • Blackwall: That does somehow sound worse.
  • Varric: That was you? That fire took out half the Carta’s hideouts north of Orzammar!
  • Blackwall: Oh. Maybe no need to go around repeating that story, then.
  • Cole: I’m glad you didn’t die.
  • Blackwall: I wanted to for about a week. Then we had a long discussion with the baron about hazard pay.

Shattered Library

  • (If Blackwall is a Grey Warden) Blackwall: I’ve been through some battles as a Warden. Fighting one group of darkspawn’s the same as another.
  • (If Blackwall was pardoned) Blackwall: You know, when I traveled alone, I’d fight bandits, some drunk chevaliers—nothing out of the ordinary.
  • Blackwall: Back with the Inquisition, and a moment later we’re battling secret Qunari assassins in a dream-library.
  • Dorian: Any regrets, Rainier?
  • Cassandra: It has certainly been memorable.
  • Vivienne: Did you expect anything less?
  • Blackwall: I wouldn’t have missed this for anything        
  • Sera: Aww, back at you beardy. We’re the best in the worst place ever.
  • Cole: I’m glad you’re here, Thom.

Companion comments about Blackwall[]

  • Sera: He's... too good, right? Like to see him out of that uniform. Not like that.
  • Sera: (after Revelations) Right. "Warden". Good liar, that one. Should give lessons. Suppose he kind of did. Soldiers do nasty shit. Still kind of like him, though. Proper sorry, him.
  • Vivienne: Blackwall is a useful sort of fellow, but he's perhaps too eager to please. He reminds me of a pup begging for attention.
  • Vivienne: (after Revelations) Blackwall surprised me. I never would have thought him capable of carrying off such deception. (if Blackwall is given another chance:) Generous you, giving him a chance at redemption. Let's see if he manages it.

Blackwall's comments about companions[]

  • Cassandra: I fear for Cassandra sometimes, the way she throws herself into battle. I've never known a warrior like her.
  • Cassandra:' (If trying to romance her) You're eyeing the lady Seeker, aren't you? I can see why, she's definitely... striking. A little stern, though.
  • Cassandra: (post-Revelations) Cassandra hasn't forgiven me for the lie, I think the worst of the anger has passed. It's just disappointment now, and that's worse.
  • Cole: Cole's dangerous. Unpredictable. We aren't even sure what he is. Don't know what he might do. I wouldn't turn my back on him.
  • Cole: (post-Revelations) I've been too hard on Cole. He's odd enough and confounding, but there may be some good in him after all. The least I can do is support him while he sorts himself out.
  • Dorian: Dorian? He's arrogant. He preens himself. But you already know that. He doesn't even hide it.
  • Dorian:' The less I think about Dorian, the better.
  • Sera: Last time we dined, Sera put away twelve potatoes, an entire roast duck, and four different tarts. I'm not sure where any of it goes.
  • Sera:' Sera doesn't know who she is or what she wants–and doesn't even care.
  • Sera:' (post-Revelations) Of all of them, I'm most glad for Sera. She's been a friend.
  • Solas: Talked with Solas the other day... That man knows all there is to know about everything.
  • Solas: Don't play Diamondback with Solas. You've been warned. Taught him the game last night. He turned around and beat me at it. Lost everything. Had to walk back to my quarters with only a bucket for my bits.
  • Varric: Have you seen the stories Varric's been writing? His descriptions of me are...colorful, to say the least.
  • Varric: (post-Revelations) Varric's amused at what's happened. He seems to think I'd make a good storyteller myself.
  • Vivienne: "Madame" Vivienne only allied with the Inquisition because she knows it will bring her power. The most poisonous snakes are often the most beautiful.
  • Cullen: Cullen? He's got the look of a man who's been through too much. He's seen the best and worst of humanity, and I think he still struggles with where that leaves him. Still, I'd trust him to watch my back.
  • Cullen: (post-Revelations) I have nothing but respect for Cullen but I'm certain he no longer wants anything to do with me. Maybe one day he'll learn to trust me again, but I'm not holding out much hope.
  • Leliana: Leliana seems... nice. Also a little frightening. But mostly nice.
  • Leliana: Leliana is lonely. That's really all I see. All she has is her work. I pity her sometimes, as odd as that might seem.
  • Josephine: Josephine's lovely... and craftier that you'd expect. The Inquisition could not have picked a better ambassador.

Blackwall and Cassandra[]

  • Cassandra: I am very pleased you joined us, Warden Blackwall.
  • Blackwall: The honor is mine, Lady Seeker.
  • Cassandra: We need strong, righteous warriors-now more than ever.
  • Blackwall: Righteous? High praise, Cassandra. Many Wardens have hardly lived righteous lives.
  • Cassandra: True, yet you give yourself to an Order that would die to protect others.
  • Cassandra: It is never too late to do better, and become more than what you are.
  • Blackwall: That is the hope.
  • Blackwall: You had a brother?


  • Cassandra: I did. I still miss him sometimes.
  • Blackwall: I had a sister. A younger sister. She died when I was very little.
  • Cassandra: I'm sorry.
  • Blackwall: I often think about what she'd be like now, had she lived.
  • Cassandra: Much like her brother, I would expect.
  • Blackwall: Maker, I wouldn't wish that on her. All this hair?


  • Cassandra: Yes, not that it concerns you.
  • Blackwall: I had a sister. A younger sister. She died when I was very little.
  • Cassandra: Is that a true fact, or another fabrication?
  • Blackwall: I have no more reason to lie, Cassandra. I often wonder what she’d be like now, had she lived.
  • Cassandra: If you even think of saying she’d be like me, I will hit you.
  • Blackwall: Hitting is better than quiet rage?
  • Cassandra: (Chuckles) Ahem.
  • Blackwall: Could you be a little more gentle the next time we spar, Cassandra?
  • Cassandra: Why? You can take it.
  • Blackwall: Yes, but I'd rather not.
  • Cassandra: (Laughs.) I did not realize you were made of glass.
  • Blackwall: Bruised glass, thank you.
  • Blackwall: I notice you seem to focus yourself before battle, Cassandra.
  • Cassandra: I still my mind and focus my thoughts on the Maker.
  • Cassandra: I ask for His guidance. I ask to be reforged into an instrument of His will.
  • Cassandra: What about you? How do you center yourself?
  • Blackwall: I tell myself, "It's them or you. And if it's you, be damn sure to take the bastards with you."
  • Cassandra: Well, that's...
  • Blackwall: Crude, yes, but it works.

If Loghain is alive:

  • Cassandra: I understand Loghain is not highly regarded in Ferelden despite his efforts against the Blight.
  • Blackwall: "Traitor" is not an easy title to escape.
  • Cassandra: He doesn't deny the claims, but I'm not certain he accepts them, either.
  • Blackwall: I wasn't there, Cassandra.
  • Cassandra: Forgive me. He is your comrade––that was insensitive.
  • Varric: Haha, you're going soft, seeker. Maybe I should've been a Warden?
  • Blackwall: You joined the Seekers when you were young, did you not?
  • Cassandra: I wanted to join the Templars, but was given to the Seekers.
  • Blackwall: So you knew what you wanted, even if you didn't get it.
  • Cassandra: I wanted vengeance at first, but I discovered a deeper joy in duty.
  • Blackwall: That's good. Some of us take much longer to find our place.
  • Cassandra: And some never find it. We are both lucky.
  • Cassandra: And how did you join the Wardens?
  • Blackwall: It's the usual story.
  • Cassandra: There is no such thing as a "usual" story.
  • Blackwall: A tavern? A chance meeting? A Senior Warden who saw worth in a worthless man? I'm not alone.
  • Cassandra: There is more to this, you just don't want to tell it.
  • Blackwall: No, you don't want to hear it.
  • Blackwall: Cassandra.
  • Cassandra: Seeker Cassandra, if you must address me.
  • Blackwall: Seeker Cassandra--
  • Cassandra: But I would rather you not address me at all. 
  • Blackwall: What happened to "It's never too late to become more than what you are"?
  • Cassandra: A man who truly aspired to be righteous would not lie.
  • Cassandra: He would earn respect, not steal the respect due another.
  • Cassandra: That whetstone you lent me - it produces a remarkable edge.
  • Blackwall: Celestine Black, they call it. It's the only stone I'll use on my blades.
  • Blackwall: You know what? Keep it. I'll find another.

Prior to Revelations:

  • Cassandra: Thank you. That's very kind.

After Revelations:

  • Cassandra: That won't be necessary.
  • Blackwall: Of course.
  • Blackwall: So...
  • Cassandra: What is it?
  • Blackwall: Nothing. Just enjoying the comfortable silence.
  • Blackwall: I miss our sparring matches Cass̶an- Seeker Cassandra.
  • Blackwall: You were a worthy opponent.
  • Cassandra: I have other duties.
  • Cassandra: Why not ask Iron Bull? He is always willing to hit something.
  • Blackwall: I don’t much fancy a concussion.
  • Iron Bull: Wouldn’t happen unless I meant it to happen.
  • Blackwall: Comforting.
  • Cassandra: I’m sure you’ll manage.
  • Blackwall: So you were the Right Hand of the Divine, and Leliana the Left?
  • Cassandra: Yes, and if you joke about the Right Hand not knowing what the Left is doing, I will punch you.
  • Blackwall: Me? No, I would never make such a terrible joke.
  • Blackwall: They say your family almost drove the dragons to extinction.
  • Blackwall: A shame. Majestic beasts.
  • Cassandra: Majestic? Say that after you see a pile of dragon shit bigger than your house.
  • Blackwall: Is it true that Leliana knows everything about everyone?
  • Cassandra: Only the Maker knows everything about everyone, but it doesn't hurt if people believe it of Leliana.
  • Blackwall: You encourage it?
  • Cassandra: It keeps people honest. Besides, if there is anything to learn, Leliana will learn it. I've seen her work.
  • Blackwall: Right. Good to know.
  • Cassandra: What is the matter with you?
  • Blackwall: You mean me?
  • Cassandra: You’re favouring your right arm.
  • Blackwall: It’s just a slight sprain, should be fine by tomorrow. I...appreciate your concern.
  • Cassandra: You are still a part of the Inquisition, and you continue without complaint. So long as you serve, I would not see you injured.
  • Blackwall: Thank you, Seeker Cassandra.

(If the Inquisitor is romancing Cassandra)

  • Blackwall: Love suits you Cassandra.
  • Cassandra: What are you talking about?
  • Blackwall: You seem to be smiling a great deal more than usual, or am I mistaken?
  • Cassandra: Evidently.
  • Blackwall: And the sidelong glances at the Inquisitor?
  • Cassandra: You’re seeing things.
  • Blackwall: The humming?
  • Cassandra: I do not hum.
  • Blackwall: Then apparently I should better protect my head.
  • Cassandra: I see the Inquisitor kept you around. I would not have were it up to me.
  • Blackwall: Such spite is beneath you Cassandra.
  • Cassandra: Is it? What do you know of me? Even less than we know of you.
  • Blackwall: I...wasn’t...
  • Cassandra: You have no right to determine what is beneath me. Not now not ever.
  • Inquisitor: That’s enough Cassandra!
  • Cassandra: As you wish. I was going to pursue it no further.


  • Inquisitor: Leave it be Blackwall. There’s no point.
  • Blackwall: I...Of course. You’re right.


  • Inquisitor: The way you two bicker is quite funny.
  • Cassandra: It isn’t meant to be. And it ends here.
  • Blackwall: As you wish, Seeker.

(After completing Promise of Destruction)

  • Blackwall: I’m sorry about your apprentice.
  • Cassandra: Former apprentice. Daniel completed his training with me years ago.
  • Blackwall: It must be difficult to--
  • Cassandra: What makes you think I would welcome your pity?
  • Blackwall: I don’t, and I didn’t know him, but it seems we lost a good Seeker.
  • Cassandra: I...you are right. He was a good man, thank you.

(After completing Promise of Destruction)

  • Cassandra: Daniel had raw skill; everyone could see it (laughs). He knew it himself.
  • Blackwall: Quite a handful then.
  • Cassandra: You would think so, but no, he was attentive, to the point of irritation at times. He was under the impression that I had something to teach him.
  • Blackwall: Sounds like a fine young man.
  • Cassandra: He was.

(If Alistair is the Warden contact)

  • Cassandra: Alistair speaks highly of you Blackwall.
  • Blackwall: He does? We just met.
  • Cassandra: You knew his mentor, Duncan?
  • Blackwall: Right.
  • Cassandra: What was he like?
  • Blackwall: Well...Alistair’s a good man, he helped end the Blight, and Duncan’s the sort even he would look up to.

(If the Warden contact was left in the Fade)

  • Cassandra: I should ask Mother Giselle to hold a service for Stroud/Alistair/Loghain. We must honour his courage, and his sacrifice.


  • Cassandra: You should attend Blackwall.
  • Blackwall: Why do you want me there?
  • Cassandra: You pretended to be a Warden long enough. You should pay respect to one who actually served.


  • Cassandra: Would you join us Blackwall? One of his own should attend.
  • Blackwall: You knew him as well as I did Cassandra…but I will pay my respects.

(If Stroud is the Warden contact)

  • Cassandra: Stroud shares your reserved nature Blackwall. It must be a common trait among Wardens.
  • Blackwall: You find me reserved?
  • Cassandra: At times.
  • Blackwall: I was aiming for aloof.
  • Cassandra: (Laughs) Keep trying, I’m certain you’ll get there.
  • Blackwall: The other day, did I see you punch a tree? What did it ever do to you?
  • Cassandra: Plenty.
  • Blackwall: I see...
  • Cassandra: Uh, I, suffered from hay fever when I was small. My brother joked I should punch a tree in retaliation, so I did, and the sneezing stopped. I’ve done it ever since.
  • Blackwall: The direct approach (Chuckles), I like it.
  • Cassandra: I cannot place your fighting style, and I have studied the martial arts for years.
  • Blackwall: It’s... from everywhere. I traveled a lot in my youth.
  • Cassandra: How do you stand the Skyhold stables?
  • Blackwall: They’re quiet. I like having time to myself.
  • Cassandra: I can’t imagine finding "quiet time" in that stench.
  • Blackwall: They’re only horses.
  • Cassandra: They’re not horses. They’re dung monsters with hooves and tails.

Blackwall and Cole[]

  • Blackwall: They say you're a demon.
  • Cole: Yes. Or spirit. I want it to be spirit.
  • Blackwall: Either way, I know you're dangerous.
  • Cole: Yes. Like you.
  • Blackwall: What?
  • Cole: A sack on the side of the road, struggling. The boy runs from it, crying.
  • Blackwall: Fine, so you're dangerous and insane.
  • Cole: You would stop it if you could. That is enough. But don't do it again.
  • Cole: So many masks.
  • Blackwall: At the ball? It's Orlesian culture, get used to it.
  • Cole: Not at the ball. Here.
  • Cole: Mockingbird, mockingbird, quiet and still, what do you see from the top of that hill? Can you see up? Can you see down?
  • Blackwall: Wait.
  • Cole: Can you see the dead things all about town?
  • Blackwall: How do you know that song?
  • Cole: It just came to me. Everyone says everyone knows it. The children knew it.
  • Cole: How do you get the hair on your face?
  • Blackwall: Look, ask Varric. He seems to have adopted you.
  • Cole: He doesn't have hair on his face. Is it a mask?
  • Blackwall: No it's a beard. Look, if you were any other lad your age I'd tell that one day you'll probably grow one too, except I don't know if spirits that become boys get beards.
  • Cole: I could try.
  • Blackwall: Right. You go do that then. Good luck. Have fun.
  • Cole: We played by the fire so she would be warm. No, it's summer, Liddy.
  • Blackwall: This thing you do? Maybe you should stop doing it.
  • Cole: Got her flower but they'd taken her. Left it on her bed. Next eight on the sill.
  • Cole: Tourney sands. A garden seat. Five to Chantry altars. One to a child with her hair. The sea? Too many to count.
  • Cole: And thirty-six. Tossed off the battlements today.
  • Blackwall: Go bother Solas.
  • Cole: You have many feelings.
  • Cole: I'm sorry she died.
  • Cole: Your knife is big.
  • Blackwall: (Laughs.) It's a sword.
  • Cole: It's bigger than mine.
  • Blackwall: And now you've made it awkward.
  • Blackwall: How does a spirit become flesh anyway?
  • Cole: I don't know. How does a Warden become Grey?
  • Blackwall: You know, Cole, you're not so bad. But I'll never get used to the things that come out of your mouth.
  • Cole: There was once a man who had bees coming out of his mouth?
  • Blackwall: A perfect example.
  • Blackwall: What are you staring at?
  • Cole: Your head. So many tangles. Knots. And that's just on the inside.
  • Cole: You need a hairbrush.
  • Blackwall: Hey, Cole. Say something interesting.
  • Cole: "Something interesting"?
  • Blackwall: Yes, I deserved that one.
  • Cole: When you charge at them, you make them hit you.
  • Blackwall: Ideally. That's why my armor's heavier than yours.

(If the Inquisitor did not romance Blackwall.)

  • Cole: Golden, graceful, glittering but not gaudy. Voice delicate and delectable. 
  • Blackwall: What are you talking about, Cole? 
  • Cole: Sweet, soft, and silky. Her dress, and also under her dress. Are you going to talk to Josephine? 
  • Blackwall: Maker's balls, get out of my mind, would you? You make me sound like a dirty, old bastard!
  • Cole: Do you want to hear what she thinks of you?
  • Blackwall: No.
  • Cole: You should.
  • Blackwall: Why are you here? Do you even understand what's happening in the world?
  • Cole: I heal the helpless. Give hope where there is hurt.
  • Blackwall: But you've killed before.
  • Cole: Yes. Before I knew what I was.
  • Blackwall: Why should we believe you can help now?
  • Cole: It hurts too much. I can't be me, have to be someone who never killed.
  • Cole: Help enough, and I'm different. I'm not me. Believe it to become it.
  • Blackwall: Maker's balls.
  • Cole: We can change, if we want it enough.
  • Blackwall: Tell me, Cole, how do you make them forget you?
  • Cole: I'm not really real.
  • Cole: They already want to forget me. I find the part that doesn't fit and set it free. Their mind makes a shape that makes sense without me.
  • Blackwall: That's not right.

(Occurs after Blackwall's personal quest.)

  • Cole: I'm sorry you have to stay. It wouldn't work for them. You were trying to fix it. It isn't your fault.
  • Blackwall: What isn't my fault?
  • Cole: They wanted Blackwall, not Rainier. That's why the others are angry.
  • Blackwall: Angry? Really? I thought I was just imagining all the frowning faces. Care to tear into me as well, now that you know?
  • Cole: No.

(After Blackwall's personal quest)

  • Blackwall: You, who heal the helpless... you're not angry about what I was hiding?
  • Cole: You never hid from me.
  • Cole: "Mockingbird, mockingbird." Too many voices in the carriage. Maker, they're young.
  • Cole: If I tell my men to stop, they'll know it was all a lie. Cold, trapped, heart hammering like axes on a carriage door.
  • Blackwall: Stop. Please.

(After Blackwall's personal quest)

  • Blackwall: Cole, if you knew what I am, what I'd done, why didn't you tell the others?
  • Cole: Everyone hides dead things. Everyone pretends. You wanted to fix it.
  • Blackwall: I'm a murderer.
  • Cole: You don't want to be. You made a new you. You are Blackwall. You killed Rainier.
  • Blackwall: If only that were possible.
  • Cole: You would stand between Rainier and the carriage. But you can't. It doesn't work like that.
  • Cole: So you carry the bodies to remember.
  • Blackwall: I suppose I do.

(If Cole spares the Templar during his personal quest)

  • Blackwall: I hear you found the templar that hurt you.
  • Cole: Yes. I tried to kill him. I thought it would fix it, fix me.
  • Blackwall: Did it?
  • Cole: No. But I'm more real now. I'll remember.
  • Blackwall: Good. Remembering is the only way you learn.
  • Cole: It hurts.
  • Blackwall: It does.

(If Cole spares the Templar during his personal quest)

  • Blackwall: So now that you've dealt with the templar, you're a real boy?
  • Cole: Realer.
  • Blackwall: Good enough. I suppose you'll stop looking into people's heads soon? And you might want to look into, I don't know, eating.
  • Cole: Blech.
  • Blackwall: Oh, are we at that stage? Spitting everything up? At least you've mastered walking.
  • Blackwall: Soon you'll be eating properly. Then drinking. Then drinking for real. Then girls.
  • Cole: You know a lot about girls.
  • Blackwall: You're supposed to stop looking in my head.

(If Cole spares the Templar during his personal quest.)

  • Blackwall: What do you think your templar is doing now? Trying to make a new life for himself?
  • Cole: Stop. It isn't about you.
  • Blackwall: What?
  • Cole: Callier. His family. His children. You wonder if some part of them watches you still.
  • Cole: You wonder if they want you to feel guilty, if they want you to make up for what you did... but they don't.
  • Cole: If they're watching, all they want is not to have died. It isn't about you.
  • Blackwall: (Sighs.) We are a pair, you and I. The victim and the murderer.

(If Cole spares the Templar during his personal quest)

  • Cole: If you want to remember, remember this: if you become Rainier again, I will be here, and I will kill you.
  • Cole: And if I become a demon again and hurt people, you will kill me.
  • Blackwall: I believe I can work with that.

(If Cole forgives the Templar during his personal quest)

  • Blackwall: I hear you found the Templar that killed you.
  • Cole: Yes. His hurt is healed. So is mine.
  • Blackwall: Just like that? How do you forgive someone who does that to you?
  • Cole: He was frightened. The other Templars were older. He didn't know what to do.
  • Cole: Afraid of them, afraid of me, can't face it, lock it away and pretend it wasn't real.
  • Cole: He fled far away, tried to forget, to be someone new.
  • Blackwall: He deserved to be punished.
  • Cole: He was.

(If Cole forgives the Templar during his personal quest)

  • Blackwall: This Templar who hurt you... you made him forget?
  • Cole: Yes. He knows he left the Templars, but I'm not there. He just knows they made him someone he didn't want to be.
  • Blackwall: Why did you do that? You shouldn't have taken that from him.
  • Cole: Why?
  • Blackwall: Taking away a bad memory is one thing. Taking away guilt is another. Without that guilt, it's as though he never killed you.
  • Cole: Isn't the world better that way?
  • Blackwall: I... I don't know.

(If Cole forgives the Templar during his personal quest.)

  • Cole: I understand. Making the Templar forget what he did to me is like making you forget Rainier.
  • Blackwall: I... Yes. Perhaps.
  • Cole: My pain was his pain. It made the amulet not work. We both had to let it go.
  • Blackwall: But now he doesn't remember what he did.
  • Cole: Isn't me not hurting more important than him being punished?
  • Blackwall: (Sighs.) We are a pair, you and I. The victim and the murderer. If it helps you, lad, then I am glad you forgave him.

(If Cole forgives the Templar during his personal quest.)

  • Cole: You think that if you forget, you will become like that again. But you're not him. You have other things to carry. You can put the bodies down.
  • Blackwall: Thank you.

Blackwall and Dorian[]

  • Dorian: A Grey Warden Recruiter. That sounds interesting.
  • Blackwall: It's not easy finding people willing to shoulder such a terrible responsibility.
  • Dorian: Here I thought you poked around prisons, hunting for murderers desperate to escape the noose.
  • Blackwall: That's what you think of the Wardens?
  • Dorian: It's not such a terrible thing. Some of my best friends are murderers.
  • Blackwall: They are men and women, atoning for what they've done by giving of themselves. They fight for people like you. People in silks and velvets. Who talk... and judge.
  • Dorian: Who's judging now?
  • Blackwall: I know your kind.
  • Dorian: What do you know of "my kind", Blackwall?
  • Blackwall: I know that what comes out of your mouth is the same drivel that comes out of theirs.
  • Dorian: It might sound that way to someone who's been clubbed on the head too often.
  • Blackwall: Careful I don't club you on the head.
  • Dorian: That's what I'd expect from your kind.
  • Dorian: (sighs sarcastically) I can't imagine why more people don't join the Wardens!
  • Blackwall: You need never worry about being worthy, trust me.
  • Blackwall: You have something to say, mage?
  • Dorian: If I had something to say, I'd say it.
  • Blackwall: That's it? I'd expect more from a man who can't stop talking about how clever he is.
  • Dorian: And I'd expect no less from a brutish thug.
  • Blackwall: Better that than a pompous brat.
  • Inquisitor: If were going to fight at each other's side, we need to get along.
  • Dorian: Tell that to mister barely concealed envy issues!

If Sera is present or Inquisitor is female:

  • Sera/Inquisitor: You two are such men.
  • Blackwall: Well, I'm a man.
  • Dorian: Best pound your chest so nobody doubts.


  • Inquisitor: Enough, both of you.
  • Blackwall: (grumble) I apologize, Inquisitor.
  • Blackwall: How do you get your hair to do that, Dorian? With magic?
  • Dorian: With proper hygiene and grooming. Maybe all three of you should get acquainted.
  • Blackwall: Dorian (sighs), do you think we could ever be friends?
  • Dorian: Stranger things have happened. It would take work. And soap. Lots and lots of soap.
  • Dorian: I've often wondered what the average man thinks about mage freedom.
  • Blackwall: If you really cared, you could ask.
  • Blackwall: Oh, but wait. That would involve talking to a dirty commoner like me.
  • Dorian: True. So much for that.
  • Dorian: You caught the eye of a young woman in that last village, Blackwall.
  • Blackwall: I'm sure you're mistaken.
  • Dorian: You're right. She was undoubtedly looking at me.
  • Dorian: Any thoughts on this "Herald of Andraste" business, Blackwall?
  • Blackwall: Why?
  • Dorian: I just need to know you're capable of higher thought. For my own comfort.
  • Blackwall: Then you'd be better served giving me a word puzzle.
  • Dorian: You'd do a word puzzle if I gave it to you?
  • Blackwall: Not a chance.
  • Blackwall: Corypheus. One of yours, isn't he?
  • Dorian: One of mine? Like a pet? Like a giant darkspawn hamster with aspirations of godhood?
  • Dorian: 'Dorian, why can't you look after your little friends? Corypheus peed on the carpet again!'
  • Dorian: In this analogy, the carpet is Haven.
  • Blackwall: Is he or is he not a Tevinter Magister?
  • Dorian: Meaning 'the source of everything bad and evil in the world'? They are the same, yes?
  • Blackwall: Certainly feels that way at times.
  • Blackwall: Dorian, I would prefer you stop referring to me as “that hairy lummox.”
  • Dorian: Now when did I do that?
  • Blackwall: The tavern, the smithee, the servants, you said it to the gate guards as we left Skyhold.
  • Dorian: Hmm. That does sound like me.
  • Blackwall: It's odd how you've won over so many at Skyhold, Dorian.
  • Dorian: You're surprised they haven't all dismissed me as "the charming, but ultimately wicked magister"?
  • Blackwall: Never. You're more the "spoiled prince," and I question your reasons for being here.
  • Dorian: A prince? I've moved up in the world. My reasons for being here are the same as yours, thank you.
  • Blackwall: I find that difficult to believe.
  • Dorian: Perhaps when you get past the simple heuristics that define your world, we'll get along.
  • Blackwall: It’s interesting watching you, Dorian. The way you carry yourself when you use magic.
  • Dorian: I am very good at the whole magic thing.
  • Blackwall: No, it’s not that. You find joy in it, not shame. And it shows.
  • Dorian: Why be ashamed? Power should be respected, not swept under the carpet.
  • Blackwall: Something we “southerners” need to learn, perhaps?
  • Dorian: Maybe you’re not a complete moron.
  • Blackwall: We were having a moment, and now you’ve ruined it.

(If the Inquisitor is in a romance with Blackwall)

  • Blackwall: I understand you were asking about me and the Inquisitor at Skyhold, Dorian.
  • Dorian: Only verifying certain rumors, Big Man. You understand.
  • Blackwall: I'm not certain I do. Why the interest?
  • Dorian: Academic? Future generations will want to know.
  • Blackwall: Leave. It. Be.

(If the Inquisitor is in a romance with Dorian)

  • Dorian: I overheard you at the tavern, Blackwall, asking about the Inquisitor and I.
  • Blackwall: I was unsure I'd heard correctly.
  • Dorian: You have a question? Are your whiskers quivering with curiosity?
  • Blackwall: I would not pry into the Inquisitor's business.
  • Dorian: Are you certain? I can draw diagrams.
  • Blackwall: No. Thank you.
  • Blackwall: Dorian, I can't believe you drank that swill at the tavern.
  • Dorian: I can't believe they served that swill at the tavern. What is Skyhold coming to?
  • Blackwall: Then why did you drink it?
  • Dorian: I couldn't stop. With each sip, it was, "it can't be that bad, can it?" Before I knew it, I was analyzing the nuances of its flavor, observing its effect on my nausea. I was in a catatonic trance, fueled by the stench of disgusting dwarven ale.
  • Blackwall: Or you're a drunkard with terrible taste.
  • Dorian: There is that.
  • Blackwall: I've seen ruins like this all over Thedas. There's thousands out there.
  • Blackwall: Some must have been bigger than proper cities like Denerim or Val Royeaux.
  • Dorian: You must be joking.
  • Blackwall: Beg pardon?
  • Dorian: Visit Tevinter one day. Minrathous will put your southern cities in perspective.

(If the Inquisitor chose to seek the mages' help to close the Breach)

  • Blackwall: Word of what happened in Redcliffe had better not spread.
  • Dorian: Oh? Why not?
  • Blackwall: You think mages will be better off if people know they can change the future?
  • Dorian: Ignoring that that's not the case, I suspect people will use any excuse to hate us.
  • Blackwall: Then you should not give them more.
  • Dorian: Did everyone act like this when the sword was invented? "Oh, my blushing butt cheeks! Round up everyone who can use these pointy things and lock them away!"
  • Blackwall: It is not the same thing and you know it.


  • Dorian: I've been thinking.
  • Blackwall: Oh, this should be good.
  • Dorian: I was about to say you're too hard yourself, Blackwall.
  • Blackwall: Too hard on myself? Is this setting up a punchline?
  • Dorian: You're not the thug I thought you were. You're not the thug anyone thought you were.
  • Blackwall: Here it comes.
  • Dorian: Point is: you should let yourself off the hook. I know bad men, and you're not one.
  • Blackwall: I'm not sure how to respond.
  • Dorian: Of course not. Let's not go crazy with defying expectations.



  • Dorian: So, I hit a nerve with the whole "murderer Grey Warden" business.
  • Blackwall: Are you speaking to me?
  • Dorian: Yes, you. "Blackwall," or whatever your name is.
  • Blackwall: "Blackwall" will do.
  • Dorian: I'm saying I understand wanting to atone for ones actions.
  • Blackwall: Is that so?
  • Dorian: Enough to know when I've stepped in it. So I apologize.


  • Blackwall: You... did not have to apologize to me, Dorian.
  • Dorian: People who say that to me are usually wrong.
  • Blackwall: I am indeed a murderer. And I escaped my past to become a warden, like many others before me.
  • Dorian: Obviously the original Blackwall saw something in you. I respect that.
  • Blackwall: And you abandoned your life of privilege for the sake of principle alone.
  • Dorian: I didn't like that life.
  • Blackwall: It was wrong of me to lump you in with peers you hardly resemble.
  • Dorian: Truce?
  • Blackwall: Gladly.

Blackwall and Iron Bull[]

  • Iron Bull: Something's funny about you.
  • Blackwall: Oh?
  • Iron Bull: Yeah. You talk about Grey Wardens and honor and sacrifice and griffons, but you're still not convinced.
  • Blackwall: Not convinced?
  • Iron Bull: Yes, you know what I mean.
  • Blackwall: And you know this because?
  • Iron Bull: I'm a people person.
  • Iron Bull: You know one thing I miss about Par Vollen? Bananas.
  • Iron Bull: They're bigger, less squishy, and bendier.
  • Blackwall: You're talking about the fruit, right?
  • Blackwall: Please, tell me you're talking about the fruit.
  • Iron Bull: You're good with that sword.
  • Blackwall: Thanks.
  • Iron Bull: I see all that time on your own has given you a firm grip.
  • Iron Bull: Hey Blackwall. What's the most limbs you've ever cut off something in one swing?
  • Blackwall: For the Wardens, battle is a sacred duty, a vigil kept to guard the world against destruction. It's not a game.
  • Iron Bull: Right. Same here.
  • Blackwall: Do heads count?
  • Iron Bull: Heads absolutely count.
  • Blackwall: Then... three.
  • Iron Bull: Nice! Down on the collarbone and through, right? That's how I get the good ones.
  • Blackwall: So, if I were to convert to the Qun, what place would I have in your society?
  • Iron Bull: Hmmm, Ben Hassrath, perhaps, if you prove yourself.
  • Blackwall: And if I don't?
  • Iron Bull: Oh. Laborer, probably.
  • Blackwall: Laborer?
  • Iron Bull: Strong back, legs. And laborers are important. You can't have the Tamassarans doing the heavy lifting.
  • Blackwall: Right. I'll pass.
  • Iron Bull: Really? You don't want to see our pamphlet, "Digging Holes and Filling Them Up Again"?
  • Iron Bull: "Blackwall." "Iron Bull." We could fight crime!
  • Blackwall: Isn't that exactly what we're doing? Right this minute? More or less?
  • Iron Bull: Oh yeah.
  • Blackwall: Have you considered incorporating headbutts into your fighting style?
  • Iron Bull: Oh, yeah. Tried it a few times. No luck.
  • Blackwall: Too easy for enemies to defend against?
  • Iron Bull: A little. I'm big enough that I've gotta lean down to make it work on most people. You see it coming.
  • Iron Bull: I did it once with a charge, though. Got a Vint on each horn.
  • Blackwall: Nicely done.
  • Iron Bull: Yeah, 'cept for the part where they were both hanging from my head yelling for the rest of the fight.
  • Blackwall: Ah. Point taken. So to speak.

(Chose Qunari alliance during Demands of the Qun and completed Blackwall's quest.)

  • Blackwall: You sacrificed your own men.
  • Iron Bull: I'm Qunari. We don't flinch from duty.
  • Blackwall: Your men trusted you. You betrayed that trust when you left them to die.
  • Iron Bull: No.
  • Blackwall: No?
  • Iron Bull: Two key differences between you and me, Rainier.
  • Iron Bull: First, I didn't kill a wagon full of kids. 
  • Iron Bull: My men were holding a position to secure an objective. I mourn their loss and honor their sacrifice.
  • Iron Bull: And second, I'm proud of who I am. I hope that's not a problem for you.
  • Blackwall: Not unless you ask me to hold a hill, Qunari.

(Chose to save the Chargers during Demands of the Qun)

  • Blackwall: So, Bull, how does it feel to be Tal-Vashoth?
  • Iron Bull: Stings a bit. Thanks for asking.
  • Blackwall: It's a difficult thing you've done, turning your back on one life to live another. You could look at it as opening a way forward, not closing the way back.
  • Iron Bull: Thanks, I appreciate the advice.
  • Blackwall: In any event, you have the Chargers. You haven't lost everything.
  • Iron Bull: Yeah, I think I'm good.

(If Blackwall's quest Revelations has also been completed)

  • Blackwall: So, Bull, how does it feel to be Tal-Vashoth?
  • Iron Bull: Feels a bit like I've been living a lie, and now it's coming back to bite me in the ass. What's that like, Blackwall?
  • Blackwall: Calm down, I meant no offense.
  • Blackwall: As you say, I know something of being cut off from a past life, having to find a new way.
  • Iron Bull: Well, you could've just led with that.
  • Blackwall: In any event, you have the Chargers. You haven't lost everything.
  • Iron Bull: Yeah, I think I'm good.
  • Iron Bull: You could've been one of the Chargers, Blackwall. You’ve got the stature, the attitude...
  • Blackwall: And you'd be my boss.
  • Iron Bull: Hey, I'm a great boss. I’m a firm believer in No-Pants Fridays.

(This part only happens if the conversation occurs after Blackwall's personal quest. Otherwise, it goes straight to "I'd rather fight for a cause.")

  • Blackwall: And a mercenary. I'm done with that part of my life.
  • Iron Bull: Why? Because you're better now? Because there's something wrong with working for gold?
  • Iron Bull: The thing about my guys? They're honest with themselves.
  • Iron Bull: You could've learned that lesson.
  • Blackwall: I’d rather fight for a cause.
  • Iron Bull: Hey, No-Pants Fridays is a cause.

(After completing Blackwall's quest Revelations)

  • Iron Bull: Now, isn't this better? Getting the burden of that lie off your chest?
  • Blackwall: And exchanging it for the burden of everyone hating me? Yes. So much better.
  • Iron Bull: Hey, I don’t hate you. You and me? We’re good. 
  • Iron Bull: Now that you know who you are, you can stop doubting yourself and start hitting crap again.
  • Blackwall: Why don't we hit a few bottles first, huh?

(After completing Blackwall's personal quest Revelations)

  • Iron Bull: I used to think it was just me who thought you humans all look alike.
  • Blackwall: And now...?
  • Iron Bull: Clearly, you guys can't tell each other apart, either. How the crap did you live as some other guy for all those years?
  • Blackwall: I grew a beard.
  • Iron Bull: Really? Puts some hair on your face, and no one can tell who you are anymore? That's some disguise, big guy.
  • Blackwall: And I didn't talk to anyone for months at the time.
  • Iron Bull: All right, that probably helped.
  • Iron Bull: Hey, Blackwall, what would your ideal blade be forged from?
  • Blackwall: Well, many famous Warden blades were made from Silverite. It seems to work well on darkspawn.
  • Blackwall: And you? Clearly a man who enjoys a good blade. Bloodstone, perhaps?
  • Iron Bull: Nah. Bloodstone's great at holding an edge, but that sharpness leaves it brittle.
  • Iron Bull: You may not have noticed, but I'm not a finesse fighter.
  • Iron Bull: I guess I'd go with Dawnstone.
  • Blackwall: Dawnstone? That's even more brittle than Bloodstone.
  • Iron Bull: Yes... Really damn pretty, though. 
  • Blackwall: It's pink.
  • Iron Bull: It's pretty.
  • Iron Bull: Hey, Furrows.
  • Blackwall: What? Me?
  • Iron Bull: Yes. Furrows between the eyes. Moping. Lost in your own issues.
  • Blackwall: Can't a man think without being judged for it?
  • Iron Bull: I'm not judging. I was gonna say you're pretty good at it. I can't pull that off.
  • Blackwall: A tragedy, for sure.
  • Iron Bull: And I mean, if you're going to brood, you might as well reap the benefits.
  • Blackwall: What benefits?
  • Iron Bull: The ladies.
  • Blackwall: (Sighs.)
  • Iron Bull: Sounds like joining the Grey Wardens is like following the Qun.
  • Blackwall: How do you think?
  • Iron Bull: Service, hard work for a good cause, always knowing where you fit in, what you have to do...
  • Blackwall: I suppose I see the similarity, when you put it like that.
  • Iron Bull: Little surprised I got there before you did, big guy.
  • Iron Bull: How does being a Grey Warden work? I assume it's more complicated than just signing up.
  • Blackwall: Yes.
  • Iron Bull: And how is it that you're the only ones who can end the Blights?
  • Blackwall: Is there a reason for the interrogation?
  • Iron Bull: Curiosity. The Ben-Hassrath could know more about the Wardens.
  • Iron Bull: Also, those ogre guys, the darkspawn that look like messed-up Qunari? The Ben-Hassrath aren't pleased.
  • Blackwall: Few are.
  • Blackwall: Don't the horns make it hard to lie down? How do you sleep?
  • Iron Bull: Soundly, while propped up on a bed of oiled, writhing virgins.
  • Blackwall: I'm surprised you don't wear heavier armor on your blind side.
  • Iron Bull: If I did that, I'd just be telling people where to hit me.
  • Iron Bull: As it is, every half-decent fighter sees the eye and thinks he can feint, then come in with a low stab.
  • Iron Bull: Then I chop his head off. It's like a gimme.
  • Blackwall: That can't work every time.
  • Iron Bull: It doesn't. But taking a blade to the ribs is a pretty good teacher.

Blackwall and Sera[]

  • Blackwall: That breach. It's hard to look away from sometimes. 
  • Sera: Right, because you know what it looks like?
  • Blackwall: No. No it doesn't. 
  • Sera: You knoooow.
  • Sera: Look at you, all serious. What do Wardens do when there’s no Blight, anyway?
  • Blackwall: Whatever it takes to keep the world safe.
  • Sera: Like join Inquisitions.
  • Blackwall: If that’s what’s necessary. Hey, you’re here too.
  • Sera: (Laughs.) The Inquisition can’t be all broody beards like you and Cassandra.
  • Blackwall: She doesn’t have the hair for it.
  • Sera: Oh, I’d bet she does. Places.
  • Cassandra: That's enough!
  • Sera: Kneeew it!
  • Sera: The kitchen wouldn't give me cakes because Josie, oh so prim, was sending them to allies.
  • Blackwall: Why cakes when you can give them a two-fingered salute and a box full of dog shit.
  • Sera: (Laughs.)
  • Blackwall: You know I hate the aristocracy as much as you do. I hate that they sit in palaces, sipping wine while people starve outside their gates. I hate that good soldiers die in senseless wars over who gets the fancy chair.
  • Blackwall: Still, it's better to have the nobility on your side than not. They're dogs, all of them, and even the primped and powered ones have teeth.
  • Sera: (Laughs.) "Box of dog shit." That's a good one.
  • Sera: Beardy!
  • Blackwall: Fuzzhead.
  • Sera: (Laughs.)
  • Sera: So, I've been thinking--No jokes, the lot of you--I thought Josie was kissing ass, getting right up in there. But she's actually been fooling nobs all along. Good, too.
  • Blackwall: Milady's adept at her special brand of warfare.
  • Sera: All smiles and pleases, like giving us their stuff does them a favor twice over. And they love her for it! Best idea ever. I'll have to steal that one.
  • Blackwall: Yes, Sera, you go right on ahead.
  • Sera: Still on about "Milady Josie" and her tricky tongue, and I've been thinking again. Shut up.
  • Sera: Here's how I'll do it too. I find a nob, right? And I seduce him--
  • Blackwall: You'll what? I worry where this might be going.
  • Sera: Wait! Not done yet! He thinks he's being seduced, but when it's time for slap-and-tickle, I jump up and say...
  • Sera: "I like your wife better!" (Laughs.)
  • Blackwall: And the goal would be?
  • Sera: He thinks he's in charge, but he isn't! I am!
  • Blackwall: I don't know what to say.
  • Sera: Then I'll punch him, to make sure he gets it!
  • Blackwall: Oh, Sera. I do love you.
  • Sera: Hey, do you think they'll have pie when we get back? I could use a pie. Or three.
  • Blackwall: That's... a lot of pie for one person.
  • Sera: You'd understand if you've ever been hungry. In your bones hungry.
  • Blackwall: Hey, when this is all done, if you ever need my help for anything, you just ask, all right?
  • Sera: Knew it! Knew you could be one of us.
  • Blackwall: Us? That Red Jenny... thing. I didn't mean--
  • Sera: It'll be brilliant, right? You can flip some tables, show some nobs your arse or something.
  • Blackwall: No one needs to see my arse.
  • Sera: I know!
  • Sera: (Laughs.)

(If the Inquisitor romanced Blackwall)

  • Sera: (Teases.) I know what you diiid...! You two, in the loft.
  • Blackwall: Uh, h-how did you--?
  • Sera: Just do. 'Cause I know things.
  • Blackwall: (Whispers.) Could we not speak so loudly about these things that you know?
  • Sera: Too late for that. You're the one scaring horses, getting hay up your nooks. Crannies.
  • Blackwall: (Sighs.)

(If Blackwall and the Inquisitor breakup)

  • Sera: It's rough, innit, Blackwall? But they come and go.
  • Blackwall: Sera, don't.
  • Sera: Right, right... you're set on being sad forever. But then the sun freakin' comes up.
  • Blackwall: Yes, well, it's not that easy.
  • Sera: Didn't say it was. I implied I didn't care. Uh-huh, that's right. Implied.
  • Blackwall: (laughs)
  • Sera: You better laugh. I had to ask Solas for that one.

(If the Inquisitor is not romancing Blackwall or Josephine)

  • Sera: So. You gonna squeeze up to her or not?
  • Blackwall: What? Squeeze up to who?
  • Sera: Lady Josie. I've seen you, doing that knightly stuff.
  • Blackwall: Maker, Sera. No. Stay out of it.
  • Sera: (Laughs.) You're all shy! What, you think you can't treat her right?
  • Blackwall: No, it's not––––
  • Sera: I'll show you. I just need a peach. A ripe one, because if you do it right? Ripe! Down there.
  • Blackwall: Please, no peaches, ripe or otherwise.
  • Sera: Well I can't teach you bananas! That would be like showing you swords! Oh! Remember, do not use it like a sword.
  • Blackwall: How do I make this stop?
  • Sera: Is that it?
  • Blackwall: Dare I ask?
  • Sera: What you and Josie do? Is that it? I saw you sighing in the wall hole.
  • Blackwall: It's a casement, and it's virtuous. Courtly.
  • Sera: Couple of weirdies.


  • Blackwall: Did you know that in Ostwick they hold races with greased cheese?
  • Sera: That sounds daft as anything.
  • Blackwall: They butter up a cheese about the size of a small wagon wheel and see how far they can run with it.
  • Sera: I'd just eat the cheese.
  • Blackwall: It's culture.
  • Sera: Well culture can get in my mouth.
  • Sera: Do all Grey Wardens have beards?
  • Blackwall: No, just me. I stole all the beards... and all the power held within.
  • Blackwall: There can be only one.
  • Sera: Not really!
  • Sera: I once saw the Empress' arse.
  • Blackwall: Congratulations!
  • Sera: Well, I didn't. I drew it and someone said it was a good likeness.
  • Sera: That's a story about trust.
  • Sera: I like you, you don't talk about elfy stuff.
  • Blackwall: Like you'd know what you're talking about.
  • Sera: Right, well pbtht.

(After completing Blackwall's personal quest Revelations)

  • Sera: Always knew you were up to something.
  • Blackwall: Sorry.
  • Sera: For what? Trying? Better than most ever do.

(After completing Blackwall's personal quest Revelations)

  • Sera: I don't get it. If you want to change, just change. Why this "fake Warden" rubbish?
  • Blackwall: For one, people wanted me dead. Being someone else kept me breathing.
  • Blackwall: And then, knowing that people thought I was good made it easier.
  • Sera: (Laughs.) You needed them to think you could, so you could think you could! 
  • Sera: You're smart, but you're sort of stupid.
  • Sera: You didn't always have a beard.
  • Blackwall: I didn't emerge from my mother with a hairy face, no.
  • Sera: I saw a sketch of Todd Reynard. No beard.
  • Blackwall: Warden Blackwall had a beard.
  • Sera: Ohhhhhh. That explains everything.
  • Blackwall: You should learn to watch your back.
  • Sera: Well, you need to... your arse!
  • Sera: No, your mom's arse!
  • Blackwall: (Sighs.) Great. I'm glad we understand each other.

(If the Inquisitor is in a relationship with Sera)

  • Blackwall: How are you two?
  • Sera: Me and [Nickname]? Fine.
  • (If the Inquisitor is a human) Sera: I mean, she's a leader. She has tension, and I get it gone.
  • (If the Inquisitor is an elf) Sera: I mean we're both bony so it's like clackety-clackety-clack.
  • (If the Inquisitor is a qunari) Sera: I mean I'm aching. She's a handfull. Two of'em.
  • (If the Inquisitor is a dwarf) Sera: I mean look at her. She's just so smooshy. Everywhere.
  • Sera: I mean, could be naked more. That'd be better.
  • Inquisitor: (laughs)
  • Sera: Too much? Too much.


  • Inquisitor: Sera!
  • Sera: Yeesh! Sorry!
  • Blackwall: Hold on to it, Sera. Good things in wartime are rare as hen's teeth.
  • Sera: Who went looking for that?
  • Blackwall: Heh. Nevermind.

(If the Inquisitor used to be in a relationship with Blackwall but is now in a relationship with Sera)

  • Sera: Me and [Nickname]? Good, yeah?
  • (If the inquisitor is a human) Sera: I mean, she's a leader. She has tension, and I get it gone.
  • (If the inquisitor is an elf) Sera: I mean we're both bony so it's like clackety-clackety-clack.
  • (If the inquisitor is a qunari) Sera: I mean I'm aching. She's a handfull. Two of'em.
  • (If the inquisitor is a dwarf) Sera: I mean look at her. She's just so smooshy. Everywhere.
  • Sera: Oh! Didn't you have something for her? Sorry.
  • Blackwall: Not really. Nothing serious.
  • Sera: It's not about you. Probably just parts. Like the beard and the ... parts.
  • Blackwall: That is me.
  • Sera: Oh... right. Huh.
  • Blackwall: Trouble with you and...
  • Sera: Don't want to talk about it.
  • Blackwall: Right. Right.
  • Sera: It's just...frig, frigging...
  • Blackwall: Uh-huh. Tavern later. We can drink everything. Pick you out a serving wench.
  • Sera: Grr.
  • Blackwall: Fine. You can pick me one.
  • Blackwall: You were in Denerim during the Blight, Sera? Did you see many Grey Wardens?
  • Sera: Not a one. Not in person. They were killed or something?
  • Blackwall: Or something. Betrayed while defending a nation.
  • Sera: Right, well, I suppose there’s worse, yeah?

(If triggered before Revelations)

  • Blackwall: Is there?
  • Sera: Well yeah? Could have died defending some poncy fool’s hat. Or stepped in shit. Was it raining? Could have been raining.
  • Blackwall: Point made. Could have been worse.

(If triggered after Revelations)

  • Blackwall: Yes, there certainly is.
  • Sera: Ugh! I didn't mean...! You know, beardy people are supposed to be jolly. Because if they're not, I'll yank it!
  • Sera: Understood?
  • Blackwall: Understood.

(Emprise du Lion, Elfsblood river, near statues covered in icicles)

  • Sera: (Laughs.) Up there. Giant icicle tits! Ice.. tittles?
  • Blackwall: You're looking for titsicles.
  • Sera: Oh, that's good.
  • Vivienne: They were in fashion for a while, you know.
  • Sera: No. Really?
  • Vivienne: Absolutely.
  • Blackwall: Right, how's it end?
  • Sera: What? That tavern tale?
  • Blackwall: Come on! You left off elbow deep in... circumstances. That can't be it.
  • Sera: That wasn't her name, but yeah, that's as far as the story ever gets. Why are you complaining?
  • Blackwall: Because I can't stop thinking about it. I need to know the end!
  • Sera: Why would you want to stop? The whole point of the good bit is thinking about the good bit. If i tell the end, it ends!
  • Sera: Bunch of moaners, this! Drag out the sad shit? "Yes, please." But hang on to a good bit? "Oh, can't have that."
  • Sera: Frigging daft!
  • Sera: Know what I hear? The only thing scaring nobles more than the baddies is being asked to help us. Typical, right? Wet and running the first sign of trouble.
  • Blackwall: I knew a duke who actually had a servant follow him to war with corks in case his bowels loosened. Called him his "retainer."
  • Sera: (Laughs.)

Blackwall and Solas[]

  • Blackwall: Skyhold. How did you find it?
  • Solas: I looked.
  • Blackwall: Now you sound like Cole. You looked?
  • Solas: This world is full of wonders for those who seek them.
  • Blackwall: I've just realized I've never seen an elf with a beard.
  • Solas: [laughs] You haven't seen many elves then.
  • Blackwall: Elfroot. Do elves just call it "root?"
  • Solas: No, we have another name for it.
  • Blackwall: Well, that's no fun.
  • Solas: You spend too much time with Sera.
  • Blackwall: You've seen many things in the Fade, how do you know they're true?
  • Solas: I don't. Everything in the Fade is a memory and memories are all too easily muddied. Just like your history books, they contain truths, but reason and sense are required to extract it.
  • Blackwall: I am sorry about your... friend. Losing someone is difficult.
  • Solas: Thank you. The death itself was less painful than what came before.
  • Solas: Seeing a good spirit twisted, its nature defiled.
  • Solas: Those mages knew nothing of my friend. Worse, they did not care.
  • Blackwall: I... don't know what to say.
  • Solas: Nor will you, until you've seen ignorance snatch away all that you love.
  • Solas: Pray such a day never finds you.

(If Sera was recruited)

  • Blackwall: Sera and I were just talking about you. We need you to settle a question for us.
  • Solas: (Sighs.) Sera's involved? So this question will be offensive.
  • Blackwall: Yes, probably. Sorry.


  • Blackwall: Solas, I have a question. It's probably going to earn me a fireball to the face.
  • Solas: But you're going to grit your teeth and work through it?
  • Blackwall: You make friends with spirits in the Fade. So... um, are there any that are more than just friends?
  • Blackwall: If you know what I mean.
  • Solas: Oh, for... really?!
  • Blackwall: Look, it's a natural thing to be curious about!
  • Solas: For a twelve-year-old!
  • Blackwall: It's a simple yes or no question!
  • Solas: Nothing about the Fade or spirits is simple, especially not that.
  • Blackwall: Aha! So you do have experience in these matters!
  • Solas: I did not say that.
  • Blackwall: Don't panic. It'll be our little secret.
  • Solas: Ass.
  • Blackwall: Now who's twelve?
  • Solas: You have seen a great deal of battle.
  • Blackwall: We all have.
  • Solas: Not all, not like you. You live and breathe war. You understand it. It is home to you.
  • Blackwall: What's that supposed to mean?
  • Solas: I intended no offense.
  • Solas: We have both seen terrible things. We have watched death and destruction render that which we love unrecognizable.
  • Solas: It is calming to see something familiar in another.
  • Blackwall: What happened at Redcliffe, have you ever seen its like, Solas?
  • Solas: The distortion of time? I have seen magic accomplish many things, but ... no, that is new.
  • Blackwall: Magic has little place in a war between men.
  • Solas: Many mages are brutes, seeing nothing more than a larger ball of fire.
  • Solas: But those with imagination, those who use war to push the limits of the possible ...
  • Blackwall: I wish the Chantry could better enforce restrictions against its use.
  • Solas: Such rules never hold. Any who want victory will find some reason their cause merits exception.
  • Solas: The best we can do is ensure the world still stands when this fight ends.
  • Blackwall: Those red templars... how could any soldier let that happen to them?
  • Solas: They were templars.
  • Blackwall: I suppose you might look down upon them, as a mage.
  • Solas: It is not looking down upon them to recognize what they are.
  • Solas: Some, like Ser Barris, are thoughtful soldiers doing what they believe is right.
  • Solas: The rest? Younger sons, petty criminals, thugs, bullies, orphans...
  • Solas: Either they are accustomed to a life without choices, to following even the worst orders...
  • Solas: Or they have learned to enjoy causing pain, to leap at any chance to swing a sword harder.
  • Blackwall: Val Royeaux, huh? I remember the first time I visited it, some thirty years ago. The market was not half as large, without the garish statues. And far fewer stands selling those ridiculous frilly little cakes.
  • Solas: The Val Royeaux market was once nothing but tents of oiled leather and mud. Filled with ragged humans selling strings of beads made of bone.
  • Blackwall: You saw this in the Fade?
  • Solas: Yes. I left that memory quickly. The smell...
  • Blackwall: Must have been ages ago.
  • Solas: Oh yes. It's much better now. I enjoy the frilly cakes.
  • Solas: Your Order... the Grey Wardens...


  • Blackwall: Not my Order, as you well know.
  • Solas: Of course, but you may still have an answer.
  • Blackwall: What about them?
  • Solas: The Wardens see themselves as the world's defense against the Blight, do they not?
  • Blackwall: Yes... why do you sound so skeptical? Doesn't everyone know this?
  • Solas: When an Archdemon rises, they slay it. What will they do when all the Archdemons are slain?
  • Blackwall: Retire?
  • Solas: Without Archdemons, there can be no Blights. Is that the reasoning?
  • Blackwall: Right. Where are you going with this?
  • Solas: Nowhere. I hope they are correct.
  • Blackwall: You remind me of someone I used to know. He was fascinated with the Fade and spirits too.
  • Solas: A mage?
  • Blackwall: No, just a man who liked eating these strange purple cactus berries.
  • Blackwall: I don't think he was ever actually in the Fade.
  • Solas: I heard you in the training yard this morning.
  • Blackwall: Oh. (Sighs.) I was running new recruits through some drills. Should I be quieter next time?
  • Solas: No, no... It's fine. Children don't learn unless you shout at them.
  • Blackwall: Do you have any advice for fighting demons, Solas?
  • Solas: Survive the first thirty heartbeats, and you'll have already won.
  • Blackwall: So I should try not to die? Helpful.
  • Solas: I mean that demons are rarely intelligent enough to change their tactics. If you focus on defending yourself, you will see the full range of their abilities within the first thirty heartbeats. By then, you should be able to find a weakness and exploit it.
  • Blackwall: Ahh, that is helpful! I will try to remember that.
  • Solas: Also, try not to die.
  • Blackwall: You spoke of seeing death and destruction. Did you fight in a war?
  • Solas: There are struggles across Thedas at any given time. I doubt you would have heard of it.
  • Blackwall: An elven skirmish?
  • Solas: In a manner of speaking. You?
  • Blackwall: I was a soldier. And I... well... you know how it is.
  • Solas: I do indeed.
  • Blackwall: For all your experience, Solas, you don't carry yourself like a soldier.
  • Solas: You should have seen me when I was younger. Hot-blooded and cocky, always ready to fight.
  • Blackwall: Ah, youth.
  • Solas: It is a delicate balance for those who fight.
  • Solas: If they lack sufficient passion, they never become truly skilled, and die or leave the life.
  • Blackwall: But too much passion, and they end up dead––––or monsters better off dead.
  • Solas: Yes. It is a rare soldier who can fight without letting it define him.
  • Blackwall: You haven't said much to me since... well, you know.
  • Solas: There is little to say. I assumed we were alike. We'd seen war, knew its terrible costs, but understood that it was necessary. But there was nothing necessary in what you did. You did not survive death and destruction. You sowed them. To feed your own desires.
  • Blackwall: I know that. I see it every time I look in a mirror. I try to make up for it.
  • Solas: By wearing another skin. You ran away rather than face what you had done. You wasted your time.
  • Solas: I wish to apologize for what I said to you, Blackwall.
  • Blackwall: You were right, though. I deserved it.
  • Solas: My people had a saying long ago - "The healer has the bloodiest hands." You cannot treat a wound without knowing how deep it goes. You cannot heal pain by hiding it. You must accept. Accept the blood to make things better. You have taken the first step. That is the hardest part.
  • Solas: I will remember this. When it is over.
  • Blackwall: This? This war? The Inquisition?
  • Solas: The people. How you fought against the tide. It is... courageous.

(If the Inquisitor romanced Blackwall)

  • Solas: So, you and the Inquisitor are together.
  • Blackwall: Yes. Is that a problem?
  • Solas: Far from it. People should seize any chance for a moment's respite in times such as these. I am glad you've allowed yourself some happiness.
  • Blackwall: I expected you to think that I should keep punishing myself.
  • Solas: I would be concerned if you forgot your past, but that seems unlikely. Beyond that, guilt is a distraction. One we can ill afford.
  • Blackwall: What of you, then? Have you found someone to share a moment's respite?
  • Solas: I find my peace elsewhere.

Blackwall and Varric[]

  • Varric: Let's talk about your dark and troubled past.
  • Blackwall: Excuse me?
  • Varric: You have one, of course. Someone dear to you? Someone you failed to save?
  • Varric: Or a grave error in judgement, causing too many deaths? I've known a couple people like that.
  • Varric: Ooh, maybe betrayal! That's always good.
  • Blackwall: No.
  • Varric: You've got to give me something.
  • Blackwall: No, I don't. This conversation is over.
  • Varric: (Sighs.) Touchy.
  • Varric: You remind me of someone. Pious bastard, wore blinding white armor, told me my shots veered left.
  • Blackwall: I can see how that describes me perfectly.
  • Varric: It's just ... all that niceness. He was just so ... nice.
  • Blackwall: Nice. Right. I take it you didn't like this person.
  • Varric: Sebastian would have taken that as a compliment.
  • Varric: So it was just you, alone in the vast wilderness?
  • Blackwall: What are you on about?
  • Varric: The Lone Wanderer, searching the world. What's he trying to find? Love? Absolution?
  • Blackwall: Try, 'Someone with a strong arm and stronger will to fight darkspawn.'
  • Varric: Yes, but what does that represent?
  • Blackwall: Wanting to kill more darkspawn.
  • Varric: You're just like Sebastian.
  • Blackwall: This guard captain from Kirkwall that you're friends with...
  • Varric: She's stronger than you.
  • Blackwall: Right. Just checking.
  • Varric: Got a name for the sword?
  • Blackwall: Slasher?
  • Blackwall: Gasher?
  • Blackwall: Pokey?
  • Varric: Eh, go with Pokey, you seem like a Pokey.
  • Blackwall: So is it true that the Knight Commander of Kirkwall became a ... statue?
  • Varric: One hundred percent true. She is still bringing an extra level of horror to the Gallows.
  • Blackwall: You mean they haven't moved her?
  • Varric: Well if they did that, then the children couldn't play who is brave enough to poke Meredith.
  • Blackwall: They don't really do that? Do they?
  • Varric: No... No one is brave enough to poke Meredith...
  • Blackwall: I read some of your book. Riveting stuff. "Hard in Hightown", was it?
  • Varric: And you only read some?
  • Blackwall: Well I... uh, found it in a latrine in a village near Churneau. It... was missing some pages.
  • Blackwall: I've been to Kirkwall. The Hanged Man, actually, probably been twenty years now. It was a dive if I remember correctly.
  • Varric: It's the dive. Filled with the best and worst people in the world.
  • Blackwall: Yes, I heard it was a haunt of yours.
  • Varric: Haunt? It was home.
  • Varric: All right, Hero, what do we talk about?
  • Blackwall: What do you mean?
  • Varric: You don't want to talk about yourself. I can respect that. So what do we talk about, then?
  • Blackwall: Huh. I don't suppose you follow jousting?
  • Varric: I'm a Free Marcher, remember? We invented jousting.
  • Blackwall: That's not actually true, you know.
  • Varric: It is! Before us, no one ever thought to push people off things with large sticks. Historical fact.
  • Blackwall: All right. Greatest knight in history. My money's on Lady Honorine Chastain. No one's ever come close to unhorsing more riders than her. I've seen her joust live, and I have to tell you, up close? She has magnificent ti-- technique.
  • Varric: Her victory in the Grand Tourney of Tantervale is pretty legendary, but I'd have to go with Reeve Asa. Winning three consecutive Grand Tourneys? Who does that?

(If Inquisitor says "Stop talking about jousting":)

  • Varric: Hey, you know they're holding a grand tourney in Markham soon. I think we should all go. Inquisition road trip!
  • Blackwall: There's got to be... trouble or something up near Markham.
  • Inquisitor: No.
  • Varric: I'll talk to Josephine, I bet she could pull some strings.


  • Blackwall: Winning while barely clinging to your horse may count, but it's not exactly the stuff of legend, is it?
  • Varric: That depends entirely on who's writing the legend, Hero.
  • Blackwall: You can't really think Reeve Asa is a better knight than Honorine Chastain. Her record's flawless. Four hundred jousts, never unseated. No one's ever come close to it.
  • Varric: Oh, she's easily the most skilled. That's a fact. It's just "scrappy" is better than "flawless." I like heroes who try their damnedest, even if they fail a lot. It's easy to be valiant when you always win and everything goes your way. There's nothing great in that.
  • Blackwall: You are quite the artist with that bow, Varric.
  • Varric: Bianca does most of the work.
  • Blackwall: You have to aim her. Precisely. I don't think I could do that.
  • Varric: Too attached to hitting things with your fists?
  • Blackwall: Exactly. And just being in the thick of it.
  • Varric: I'll stick with bows. I really like having my own teeth.
  • Varric: How do you like being described? As "grizzled" or "masculine?"
  • Blackwall: Do I really have a choice?
  • Varric: No, I was just being polite. Going with "grizzled", then.
  • Varric: Alright, worst thing you've ever eaten? I had this imported ham from the Anderfels once. It tasted like despair, literally.
  • Blackwall: But you probably got to wash it down with an expensive wine. Mine was two-year-old hard tack. You can't scrape off the blue anymore. You just try not to look.
  • Blackwall: I've got one for you, Varric. Best tavern name you've ever seen. I'm torn between "The Bed and Bucket", and "The Bottom of the Barrel".
  • Varric: Ooh! That's a tough one. I think I have to go with "The Neighbour's House". For sheer balls.

After Blackwall is revealed to be Thom Rainier:

  • Varric: Maybe I've been too hard on you.
  • Blackwall: Oh, so you don't think I'm dreadful now.
  • Varric: Actually, I thought you were boring before. Completely different. We're all dreadful. Every one of us, fundamentally flawed in a hundred different ways. That's why we're here, isn't it? Take all the risks, so the good people stay home where it's safe. With the whole "Blackwall" thing, you told a story so compelling even you started to believe it.
  • Blackwall: That's much nicer than saying "You're a dirty liar.", I'll take it.
  • Varric: A story-teller's got to believe his own story, or no one will.
  • Varric: Cassandra still not speaking to you?
  • Blackwall: I don't know. It'll take time earn back her trust, if I ever do.
  • Varric: Well, she does hate it when people lie to her. At least she didn't stab you in the book.
  • Blackwall: Don't you mean "the back"?
  • Varric: No, I mean the book. Definitely the book.

If neither Blackwall nor Josephine is romantically involved with the Inquisitor:

  • Varric: I know this is a radical suggestion, but have you considered just... talking to her?
  • Blackwall: No. Never occurred to me. End of story.
  • Blackwall: So... Worst place you've ever been?
  • Varric: Well that would depend on whether or not I was there alone.
  • Blackwall: You're gonna make me talk to her, aren't you?
  • Varric: Just try "Hello"!

  • Varric: So... Hero, you and Josephine...
  • Blackwall: No. No, you are not getting me into this conversation.
  • Varric: Oh, content to pine in silence, gazing at the dear ambassador from afar!
  • Blackwall: Can we talk about something else? Reeve Asa! Reeve Asa is the best, you were right!
  • Varric: I could help, you know. Nothing stirs the heart like a well-written word.
  • Blackwall: You're suggesting I woo the lady with someone else's words? You really want me on that path again?
  • Varric: Oh... yeah. Bad idea. Let's just forget I said anything.

Blackwall and Vivienne[]

  • Blackwall: Are you all right, Lady Vivienne?
  • Vivienne: Whatever are you talking about, darling?
  • Blackwall: In our last fight, I saw you take a blow. If I'd been there quicker––––
  • Vivienne: Oh, aren't you precious?
  • Blackwall: I appear to have offended.
  • Vivienne: No, dear. You couldn't possibly offend me.
  • Blackwall: What fault do you find with me, Vivienne? I've tried to be civil.
  • Vivienne: Darling, your civility has so little to do with your faults, I wouldn't let that trouble you.
  • Blackwall: Then what am I doing wrong?
  • Vivienne: Just keep hitting things, my dear. Don't worry your little head about the rest.
  • Blackwall: Evidently, I offend you just by existing, Vivienne. What is it you want me to do?
  • Vivienne: I'm sure I don't know, darling. Do you imagine I spend all my waking hours worrying about your self-improvement?
  • Blackwall: Look, I wasn't trying to imply that you––––
  • Vivienne: My dear Blackwall, there's nothing you can do to make your Order relevant to our present situation.
  • Vivienne: You really must stop assuming everything is about you. It's unbecoming.
  • Blackwall: You enjoy mocking my involvement with the Inquisition. What about yours?
  • Blackwall: People like you, nobles, you send men to do your dirty work, your killing.
  • Blackwall: And here you are getting your hands dirty. Curious.
  • Vivienne: There is nothing curious about it.
  • Vivienne: So much is at stake. Why would I leave any of it to someone else?
  • Blackwall: You must miss the comforts of your mansions, traveling with us as you do.
  • Vivienne: I miss them. I do not require them.
  • Vivienne: But please, continue to imagine me a pampered lady, if it makes you feel superior.
  • Blackwall: Would you like a silk handkerchief to wipe the mud off your greaves, Lady Vivienne?
  • Vivienne: (Laughs.) It’s just mud. Mud bothers me as much as your clumsy mockery, which is to say, not at all.
  • Vivienne: Will you put your shield down? The light glinting off it pierces my eyes.
  • Blackwall: Says the woman encrusted in crystals.
  • Vivienne: They are fine quality crystals.
  • Vivienne: I wish we had more proper Chevaliers in the Inquisition, and fewer... low-life thugs.
  • Blackwall: No matter how much you pretend I'm furniture, I'm a person—with ears that can hear you.
  • Vivienne: You recognized yourself there? Good.
  • Blackwall: Why do you care so little for those in need?
  • Vivienne: You presume to know my feelings?
  • Blackwall: It's obvious.
  • Vivienne: I merely believe the world's problems are more complex than you imagine.
  • Vivienne: I could travel the whole world, righting wrongs as you do, and still accomplish nothing in the end.
  • Blackwall: Changing lives is hardly "nothing."
  • Vivienne: You are naive. And arrogant, if you think passing through a life has the power to change it.
  • Blackwall: Do you have no sympathy for the mage rebellion?
  • Vivienne: It's not as simple as you think, my dear.
  • Blackwall: I understand that mages are dangerous.
  • Blackwall: I know that if I had to face you, alone, I wouldn't stand a chance.
  • Blackwall: But must it be more complicated than treating people the way you'd like to be treated?
  • Vivienne: You're right in one thing. You wouldn't stand a chance against me.
  • Vivienne: I must remember to send a thank-you gift to the Marquise Tremaine. Something delicious, perhaps?
  • Blackwall: I'm sorry? Were you saying something to me?
  • Vivienne: Of course not, my dear.
  • Vivienne: What was that wonderful restorative Bastien had... the one with violets.
  • Blackwall: The Heart of Spring? From Verchiel?
  • Vivienne: Yes! Wait, how do you--
  • Blackwall: I wasn't always a drifter.
  • Blackwall: You know, I do have to admire you for your poise...
  • Vivienne: Yes, I imagine you do.
  • Blackwall: And I look forward to the day when that veneer crumbles.
  • Vivienne: We do have facilities available to the Inquisition, you understand?
  • Vivienne: Bathing shows common courtesy to one's traveling companions.
  • Blackwall: But I'm an ill-bred vagabond from the woods! Common courtesy is beyond me.

(If the Inquisitor romanced Blackwall)

  • Vivienne: Well, you two seem to make each other happy.
  • Blackwall: And? Surely, you're not ending this on a complimentary note.
  • Vivienne: I was just wondering how you imagined your future. The Inquisitor and the-- well, whatever you are now.
  • Blackwall: Ah, I see. You think we're a poor match.
  • Blackwall: Lady Vivienne, that woman there will stand with Thedas' mightiest because of who she is.
  • Blackwall: She may choose whomever she pleases, even an undeserving nobody.
  • Blackwall: Envy her for her ability to love freely, but recognize that envy is what it is.
  • Blackwall: I am sorry for your loss.
  • Vivienne: Thank you.
  • Blackwall: I do mean it, despite our differences.
  • Vivienne: You are very kind, but you needn't concern yourself.
  • Blackwall: How can you possibly dislike the Grey Wardens, Vivienne?

(Before Here Lies the Abyss)

  • Vivienne: Really? How many people do they conscript in the name of "vigilance against the Blight"? Hundreds? Thousands? For a threat that recent history tells us can be successfully ended by just two. Yes, they certainly are heroes, and not at all a wasteful relic of a bygone age. Whatever could I find objectionable?
  • Blackwall: Say that again when a blight's at your door.

(After Here Lies the Abyss)

  • Vivienne: You can't seriously ask me that after what happened at Adamant.
  • Vivienne: Where shall I start, my dear? The blood magic? Human sacrifice? Demon summoning? Or the part where they serve Corypheus?
  • Vivienne: Yes, they certainly are heroes, and not at all a wasteful relic of a bygone age. Whatever could I find objectionable?
  • Blackwall: Say that again when a blight's at your door.

(After Revelations)

  • Vivienne: How ironic that I thought you were irrelevant as a Grey Warden, and you weren't even that.
  • Blackwall: Ah, the lady finds me funny! I have some use after all.
  • Vivienne: From Warden to jester! What a tremendous journey.
  • Blackwall: Indeed, I count myself quite lucky.
  • Blackwall: Few of us have the privilege of setting aside our masks, don't you think?


(If Inquisitor is not in romance with Josephine or Blackwall)

  • Blackwall: So you'd rather I just talk to Lady Josephine?
  •  Vivienne: Of course not! I wish you'd stop bothering the poor dear.
  •  Vivienne: There's no need for you to terrorize and mortify our Ambassador when you're pathetically far beneath her.