The Blackstone Irregulars are an independent mercenary group operating out of Ferelden. There are three Blackstone Liaisons that can be found. One is in the tavern in Lothering, one is in the Gnawed Noble Tavern in Denerim, and one is outside the chantry in Redcliffe.

The Irregulars appear to handle odd jobs that either cannot go through official channels for legal reasons, or that the officials don't find worth the effort to do themselves. Currently led by Raelnor Hawkwind and his son Taoran Hawkwind, it remains to be seen what direction the group will head in the future. Raelnor wants the guild to be an honorable organization, while Taoran wants to take on contracts of a more profitable but shadier nature.

Quests Edit

Denerim Edit

Ico Quest Restocking the Guild
Ico Quest Notices of Death

Redcliffe Edit

Ico Quest Grease the Wheels
Ico Quest Dereliction of Duty
Ico Quest Scraping the Barrel

Lothering Edit

Ico Quest Dereliction of Duty
Ico Quest Scraping the Barrel

Other Edit

Ico Quest A Change in Leadership

Locations of liaisons and boxes Edit

Ico Village Lothering : inside the tavern Dane's Refuge
Ico Village Redcliffe Village: Outside the Village Chantry
Ico Denerim Denerim: Inside the Gnawed Noble Tavern

Notes Edit

  • Lothering is no longer accessible once the Warden has completed any one of the four main quest lines, and the quests presented by the guild liaison in Lothering are likewise not available from either of the other liaisons. Therefore, if the player wishes to complete these quests, it is advisable to accept them from the Lothering liaison as soon as possible so they are not missed.

Gallery Edit

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