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Blacksmith's Store is a shop located in Redcliffe Village. The establishment is owned by Owen, Redcliffe's current blacksmith.


When approaching the door of the house, the Warden sees the door is locked. He can either persuade or intimidate Owen to open it, pick the lock or break down the door.

Note: The persuade option "I'd like to speak with you. Can I come in?" as well as the intimidate option require Improved Coercion while the second persuade option "Please, I just want to talk with you." requires only one point in Coercion. Furthermore, the door's locks can be picked with the Improved Tools talents on a rogue Warden.

Once inside there is Owen who is clearly drunk. Several companions will also comment about the fact that the blacksmithy smells alcohol inside.


  • Owen – Redcliffe's blacksmith.
  • Valena – a maid of Arlessa Isolde and daughter of Owen.
  • Blacksmith (conditional) – if Owen dies, he will replace him as the town's new blacksmith.


A Village Under Siege A Village Under Siege
Lost in the Castle Lost in the Castle


  • Owen (conditional) – if the Warden refuses to help the militia an option to attack Owen will become available; or Owen will attack the Warden if they attempt to unlock the hidden trapdoor without prior to agreeing to rescue to his daughter


  • After rescuing Owen's daughter Valena, she can be found in the store if her father is still alive.
  • In the corner by the door, there is an empty crate, under which lies a Hidden Trapdoor. It can be interacted only during A Village Under Siege quest: