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For the location in Amaranthine, see Blackmarsh.

The Blackmarsh Undying is the Fade version of the former Blackmarsh village.


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Shadowy Crypt Shadowy Crypt


Tears in the Veil

Map of the Area


Main Quest[]

Shadows of the Blackmarsh Shadows of the Blackmarsh

Side Quests[]

A Maiden in Distress A Maiden in Distress
Tears in the Veil Tears in the Veil



Siding with the Spirit of Justice[]


Siding with the Baroness[]


Notable items[]

These items can be looted from shades and can be used within the Fade. However, when you exit the Fade, they will be removed from your inventory.

Ethereal Health Poultice Ethereal Health Poultice
Ethereal Lyrium Potion Ethereal Lyrium Potion
Ethereal Stamina Draught Ethereal Stamina Draught

How to activate the runestones

Special objects[]

  • Runestone puzzle - click the stones in the correct order (see image, right) and summon a series of rage demons.
  • Veil Tear Apparatus - surrounded by four desire demons; see Tears in the Veil.
  • Book - near the Essence of Strength inside the village; unlocks Codex entry: The Blackmarsh.
  • Essences:
    • Essence of Constitution (2) - one inside a coffin in the crypt, the other is near one of the fade apparatus close to town.
    • Essence of Strength (2) - one inside the town walls and SE of the runestone puzzle.
    • Essence of Dexterity (2) - one inside the town walls, the other is right as you approach the town before encountering the villager.
    • Essence of Magic (2) - one inside the crypt, the other is south of the runestone puzzle at the top of the band of water on the far left of the minimap.
    • Essence of Willpower (2) - one inside the town walls, the other is near the runestone puzzle.
    • Essence of Cunning (2) - one inside the crypt, the other on the docks outside of town.

Codex entries[]

Codex entry: The Blackmarsh Codex entry: The Blackmarsh


  • It is possible to get two +1 attribute bonuses per essence/font. On the PC, this involves first right-clicking the essence to move towards it, then right clicking it again immediately before (almost at the same time) as the player reaches it. If done correctly, two +1 bonuses will be shown on screen, one after the other. Make sure to save before this is attempted on each essence. Otherwise, if done incorrectly, there will be no way to repeat it.
  • (For PC version) Stand very close to the essence so that the character cannot move any further toward it and pause the game. Place your mouse cursor over the essence and start clicking repeatedly as fast as you can. While still clicking release the pause. It is possible to acquire more than +5 points from each font. Make sure you are not trying to click on the other side of the font because your character will try to walk to that point. For this to work they must not move. It may also help to right-click it the same time as pausing the game (1 extra point).
    • Repeatedly clicking the essence may yield many attribute points. To achieve this exploit you have to be a bit far from that certain essence and try clicking on it as many times as you can.

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