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The Blackmarsh is a deserted marshland along the northeastern shores of Amaranthine.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Blackmarsh is a gloomy, desolate place. All who travel the one lonely path between the trees are beset by an oppressive feeling of dread. Nothing stirs in the marsh, for even birds and beasts sense the foulness in the air and dare not stray too close.
The Blackmarsh was not always this way. Once, many years ago, there was a village, bustling with people. Boats and ships arrived daily at the small port. And then, one day, it all went away. The few brave souls who ventured into the marsh to discover the villagers' fate found burned ruins and no sign of life. As the years passed, sightings of strange creatures and eerie lights in the marsh fueled belief that the Blackmarsh was haunted, and that all who valued their lives would do well to stay away.[1]

Involvement[edit | edit source]

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Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

Kristoff, a Grey Warden dispatched to Ferelden just after the Fifth Blight, came to investigate the Blackmarsh. While there he was murdered by the Mother's Disciple, the First. When the Warden-Commander came to search for Kristoff, they, along with the First, were trapped in the Fade.

Map of the area

Quests[edit | edit source]

Shadows of the Blackmarsh Shadows of the Blackmarsh
The Burden of Guilt The Burden of Guilt
Heart of the Forest Heart of the Forest
The Lost Dragon Bones The Lost Dragon Bones
Ser Alvard's Missing Sword Ser Alvard's Missing Sword
Tears in the Veil Tears in the Veil
The Trail of Love The Trail of Love
Worked to the Bone Worked to the Bone

Characters[edit | edit source]

Notable items[edit | edit source]

Corin's Proposal Corin's Proposal, source: Floating Bottle
Firestompers Firestompers, source: The Baroness
Gladiator's Belt Gladiator's Belt, source: Runic Pedestal
Mark of the Divine Mark of the Divine, source: Blighted shadow wolf
The Mother's Chosen The Mother's Chosen, source: The First
Ring of Severity Ring of Severity, source: locked Chest
Sentinel armor set Sentinel armor set, source: The First and Iron Chests
Ser Alvard's Sword Ser Alvard's Sword, source: Decomposing Crate
Skull Crusher Skull Crusher, source: Chest
Soulbound Soulbound, source: The Baroness
Earthbound Earthbound, source: The Queen of the Blackmarsh
Greater Elixir of Grounding Recipe Greater Elixir of Grounding Recipe, source: Chest

Dispel Grenade Recipe Dispel Grenade Recipe, source: locked Chest

Dispel Poison Recipe Dispel Poison Recipe, source: locked Chest
Misdirection Cloud Trap Plans Misdirection Cloud Trap Plans, source: locked Chest
Diligence Rune Tracing Diligence Rune Tracing, source: Chest
Momentum Rune Tracing Momentum Rune Tracing, source: Chest
Grandmaster Slow Rune Tracing Grandmaster Slow Rune Tracing, source: Chest
Paragon Slow Rune Tracing Paragon Slow Rune Tracing, source: Chest
Catgut Catgut, source: Mabari corpse
Dock Storage Key Dock Storage Key, source: The Baroness
Dragon Bone Dragon Bone x5 - see The Lost Dragon Bones quest page for locations
Eldest Dragonbone Eldest Dragonbone, source: Dragonbone Rubble

Notable gifts for companions: Kristoff's Locket Kristoff's Locket, source: Rocks
Ornate Silver Bowl Ornate Silver Bowl, source: Debris
Toy Horse Toy Horse, near Town Records

Ingredients[edit | edit source]

Blood Lotus Blood Lotus x3
Deathroot Deathroot x1
Elfroot Elfroot x3
Madcap Bulb Madcap Bulb x2
Rashvine Nettle Rashvine Nettle x3

Special objects[edit | edit source]

Codex entries[edit | edit source]

Codex entry: The Baroness's Secret Codex entry: The Baroness's Secret

Codex entry: The Blackmarsh Codex entry: The Blackmarsh

Codex entry: Bonnie's Angry Letter Codex entry: Bonnie's Angry Letter

Codex entry: Karsten Wilde's Last Testament Codex entry: Karsten Wilde's Last Testament

Codex entry: Records of the Blackmarsh Codex entry: Records of the Blackmarsh

Codex entry: Tears in the Veil Codex entry: Tears in the Veil

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References[edit | edit source]

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