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Blackfeather Boots are unique medium boots in Dragon Age II.


  • Unobtainable via normal means.


We have found him at last, sire. This "Lalo" is not his true name at all—the culprit is not other than Count Eduardo Sanvelli, your own cousin. Strange that such a small and slender man could be one of the Crow's finest assassins. It cost twelve of my finest men before we were finally able to corner him in the abbey, and even then he almost escaped us. He would have slipped into the shadows had not one of my archers pinned him to the wall with her arrow. It was a fine shot, and had she not left the man’s other hand free to cut his own throat I'd pin a medal on her.

Sadly, I've no body to prove what I say. This morning I discovered that someone left the door unlocked to the room where Lalo's body was kept. His head has been removed from his body, and all his clothing and equipment are gone as well. It's difficult to say whether this was the doing of the Crows or merely some of my men looking to make some coin by pawning off a legend's goods. Perhaps both. I'll question the men who reported the body, but I think there will be no recovering what was taken. You must reconcile yourself with the fact the assassin is gone. You are safe until another Crow steps in to take his place. Perhaps a few days at most, yes?

—Excerpt from a letter written to Prince Enzio di Treviso, 6:32 Steel. Prince Enzio was discovered poisoned two days later.
—From Codex entry: Blackfeather Boots


  • There is a mod that restores numerous items that became unobtainable via normal means. The mod can be downloaded here.