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Blackened Heartwood Staff is a staff in Dragon Age: Origins.


Found during the Magi Origin (Bound in Blood and Magic) in the room containing the Tevinter statue in the basement of the Circle tower. At the end of the quest, First Enchanter Irving will ask if the Warden took anything of importance from the basement. The Warden needs to have at least one rank of Coercion to keep the staff. If the Warden denies taking anything of importance and fails to persuade Irving, he will reclaim it. If your Warden destroys the staff, the game will treat it as if you haven't taken it.

Dragon Age RPG[]

BioWare canon
The following information is only mentioned in Dragon Age Tabletop. Certain portions of this media may no longer reflect currently established lore.

In the Dragon Age (tabletop RPG), Blackened Heartwood Staff is available as a "permanent magic item" reward for player characters.[1]

“This wood-and-iron quarterstaff was once made of mahogany heartwood, but no more. The corrupting presence of darkspawn during one of the Blights has twisted and tainted it so that its no longer possible to tell where the wood ends and the metal begins. Even so, a bit of its ancient magical power remains.”


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