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You're such a worrier! There's a giant hole in the sky. I think the Merchant's Guild has bigger things to think about.

Bianca Davri is a member of the Dwarven Merchants' Guild. She is also an ex-flame of Varric Tethras and the namesake of his crossbow.


Bianca comes from a family of Kalnas, surface dwarves who insist on maintaining caste and rank. She met Varric in Kirkwall while he was looking for someone with mechanical skills. They became romantically involved for a while, until they were forced to separate by the Dwarven Merchant's Guild for almost starting a clan war and were refused contact of any kind. She was later married to a member of the Smith Caste by her family, much to her dismay. Bianca is described by Varric as "the most brilliant smith you will ever meet", and is responsible for designing his signature crossbow, which is named after her. The two still exchange letters and manage to meet in secret from time to time, though they mostly remain separated.


Dragon Age: Until We Sleep

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Dragon Age: Until We Sleep.

As Varric shoots the Magrallen, he is accidentally pulled into the Fade, where he wakes up to see Bianca awaiting him. She tells him she found a captain willing to cross the guild and sail them both away. Apparently both Bianca and Varric were on the run from the "Guild" and that she was the designer of Varric's signature crossbow, which at the time wasn't named yet and was meant to make them both rich. It is insinuated that Bianca and Varric never were able to escape and knowing that, he realized that the Bianca he was talking to was just an illusion of the Fade. Knowing that the Bianca spirit wasn't the real one that he loved and lost so long ago, Varric exits his dream.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

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Dragon Age: Inquisition.

The Inquisitor encounters Bianca talking with Varric at Skyhold, discussing a possible lead on Corypheus's source of Red Lyrium. She informs the Inquisitor that the location of Bartrand's Folly (Valammar) has been leaked, and that there are humans carting it out by the handful. It is revealed by Varric that her knowledge of the thaig came from him, after he sent letters to her after Bartrand's expedition.

Red Lyrium Fragment Kept by Varric: Bianca reveals that she was the one who built the safe for Varric's red lyrium fragment.

At the end of the mission, Bianca will use a key to close an entrance in Valammar. The Inquisitor or Varric will come to the conclusion that it was Bianca who leaked the location of the thaig, which will result in a confrontation between the three. She reveals that she went into the ruins herself to study the lyrium after receiving Varric's letter. If Bartrand was kept alive she will mention him as one of the reasons for going into the ruins, saying she was doing him a favour. If Varric was allowed to keep the fragment of the Lyrium idol in Dragon Age 2, that can also be used as a justification as she says that she was trying to help him study it.

According to her research, Red Lyrium is corrupted with the Blight. This proves lyrium to be alive, as the Blight can only taint living things. This research led her to Larius/Janeka, whom she met while seeking a Grey Warden Mage.

Either way, Varric is left very cross with Bianca, and the Inquisitor can either side with either Varric or Bianca or break up the argument. As they part ways, Bianca threatens to feed the Inquisitor their own eyeballs if they get Varric killed.


  • Bianca's family have an extreme dislike of Varric, so much so that they have sent assassins after him each time he has visited her.
  • It is also revealed through Discussion between Bianca and Varric that she has her own workshop in Orlais.
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