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Prince Bhelen Aeducan is a member of the Council of Dwarves and the third son of King Endrin. The Dwarf Noble Warden will be especially involved with him, as will the Dwarf Commoner later in the game .


Third of King Endrin Aeducan's children, Bhelen of House Aeducan has always been considered the last and least important of his family. Not the heir, nor the favourite, and not as accomplished as either sibling, Bhelen's most notable trait was his ability to stay out of trouble.




  • Bhelen: "Why these delaying tactics? My father has but one child to assume the Aeducan throne. Who would deny him that?"
  • Harrowmont: "Your father made me swear on his deathbed that you would not succeed him."
  • (After the Warden deals with Jarvia) "Well, you've simply outdone yourself. The whole city's talking about how someone finally went through Dust Town and slaughtered the carta like genlocks".
  • "I am impressed, Warden. Few outsiders grasp Orzammar's rather...convoluted politics so quickly".


  • Occasionally, the Harrowmont crier in the Diamond Quarter may shout out, "News of the hour! Lord Bhelen is a uh... bad, bad man! Yes! Very bad!" as though he doesn't have anything else left to say.


  • Occasionally, during the Dwarven Noble Origin storyline, if you start the quest "Of Noble Birth", kill Jarvia, then talk to Bhelen; select the fourth option, "Then you will give my son his place?" and it will give experience without Bhelen changing or reacting in any sort of way.

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