Those accusations are baseless, groundless, heinous, unsupportable, insubstantial... disregardable... Oh forget it. Get them!

Beyha Joam is a human con artist who sells so-called "holy" documents.

Involvement Edit

While visiting the Circle Tower during (or after) the Broken Circle quest, one can find a Torn Page that triggers the quest Five Pages, Four Mages. When all five pages are assembled, it is possible to stumble upon Beyha Joam in the Trade Route scripted encounter while traveling on the world map. All possible responses to the conversation with him end in combat.

Strategy Edit

Beyha Joam

Send a member of the party to attack the mage who sits on top of a little hill to the left (one may need to send all of their party members for him if they have no spells or abilities to counter mages), then kill the bandits Beyha has with him. The battle can be easy if the mage is taken out first, and may otherwise pose quite a challenge.

Loot Edit

Quotes Edit

  • "Ah, a fellow traveler of the fair lands. Are you a seeker, perchance? My packs are light, but I have a tome of strange origin: The Deus vi Eternus! Rumored to be the last message to a sinful world from the Maker Himself."
  • "I have no idea what you're talking about.. and neither do these large men carrying swords." *pause* "Get them!"
  • "Ah, will the wonders of this all-too-small a land never cease. Well, they will for you...Get them!"

Trivia Edit

  • The 'book' he was talking about literally translates from Latin to English saying: The eternal God, by virtue of?
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