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Bethany Hawke is Hawke's younger sister[1] and Carver's fraternal twin. Bethany is an apostate mage;[2] she received her magical training from her father,[3] who was also an apostate.[4]

She will accompany Hawke if he/she chooses the Warrior or Rogue class role at the beginning of the game.


Bethany will have one of several facial structures and hair styles, depending on which preset the player starts character creation with. Furthermore, her skin tone will also be matched with Hawke's, while her hair color will always be black to prevent clash of dark skin and fair hair. The same applies for Carver and Leandra.[5] During Varric's initial recount of a warrior/rogue Hawke's flight from Lothering, Bethany's breast size is considerably larger than when he is forced to start over and tell a more realistic version.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

If Hawke is a mage, Bethany will attack an ogre, be grappled, smashed to the ground and killed. If Hawke is a warrior or rogue, it will be Carver who is killed by the Ogre, and Bethany will accompany her family to Kirkwall.[6]

Bethany will spend the year working with her elder sibling in servitude. After the year, Bethany and Hawke plan on joining The Deep Roads Expedition through that time Bethany and Hawke will work on reclaiming the family estate. After amasing the fifty sovereigns needed to fund the expedition, Bethany will volunteer to join her elder sibling. Her mother will beg her to remain at home. Bethany will cite that she is "allowed to fight the darkspawn," but the final decision will be made by Hawke.

If she has not died in Act 1, she will be abducted by during the quest Best Served Cold in Act 3.

Left Home

If Bethany is left home she will be arrested and taken to the Gallows and be entered into the Circle of Magi. She will be in constant contact with her family and will be largely happy with her life but will hold a grudge against her eldest sibling for not protecting her from the Templars and will be jealous of your wealth and fame. She will also be a senior member of the Circle in charge of teaching young apprentices.

During the Qunari siege of Kirkwall she will lead an attempt to save First Enchanter Orsino from the Qunari. Hawke will be coldly recieved by Bethany who will utter sarcastic and ungreatful remarks, but she will survive the siege and be available to join the party later.

During The Last Straw (Quest), Bethany will naturally want to take the mages' side. If Hawke sides with the mages she will be thankful of Hawke siding with her kind and will join the party once again she will then participate with the defense and evacuation of the circle tower. If Hawke takes the side of the Templars she will still side with her kind and will be almost sacrificed by Orsino when he turns to blood magic. After Orsino is killed, Knight-Commander Meredith will turn her blade on Bethany and Hawke can defend his/her sister or leave her to be executed on the spot. If the mage side was taken or she was spared by the Templars she will participate in the battle against Meredith.

Taken on the Deep Roads

If taken on on the Deep Roads expedition she will contract the taint and will die unless Anders is in the party in which case she will be recruited into the Grey Wardens. She will have very little contact with her family contacting only the mother informing her of her survival and continued travels with the wardens. She will resent the older sibling for coming out of the Deep Roads unscathed while she almost died. She will have been the only member of the Hawke family to return to Fereldan since their flight.

During the Quanari siege in Act 2, she and several other Grey Wardens will be attacked by the Qunari where they will recieve support from Hawke.

Later when tension between the Templars and Mages reaches its boiling point she will be abducted by Ser Thrask and be used to get Hawke to join his cause however it fails and Thrask is killed along with the abducters. She will also be seen at the Deep Roads with Nathaniel Howe in which she reveals that she is sad and hurt. To add to her taint she also has been away from her family for a long time in which so much happened and there was so little she could do to help that she has tried to freeze herself emotionaly (explaining her attitude during the siege) but that this alienating attitude only hurt her more then its helped her furthermore she realizes that joining the wardens was her only hope she does not give a proper goodbye.

During The Last Straw (Quest) Bethany will arrive at the city in time to witness the start of the war. She will find Hawke and apologize for her earlier attitude and thank Hawke for saving her life. She will naturally want to side with the mages, but will still rejoin the party if Hawke sides with the Templars.

Bethany's personality as a Warden is more level-headed. She has matured so much since her leaving she cares not for her sibling's fame and fortune but has become upset feeling more in the eldest siblings shadow to the point of doubting her own strength that added to the Taint and shortened lifespan has left her bitter. She tries to freeze her emotions fearing she will show weakness but this only hurts her as she realises how far she is from home and how much has changed and that she was there for none of it. It is especially hard for her to be home and when she does return she doesnt wish to stay to prevent her from falling apart to how much her life has changed. During the final years of the game she realises that she cant run from her feelings and that if she does she will fall apart and tries to put things right with the people she loves realising life is to short and realises that her sibling only looked out for her best intentions she realises that theres something more important then orders, templars and mages and that family is all that matters.

If Bethany is killed, her codex entry is obtained.


Friendship with Bethany can generally be earned through acts of kindness, by siding with mages or by supporting family. Below are some specific ways to earn Bethany's friendship

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

Act 1

Bait and Switch: Directly defend Bethany at the end when talking to Fenris. Friendship small : friendship (+5)


Rivalry with Bethany can generally be earned by choosing aggressive responses, by siding against mages or by exploiting Fereldans. Below are some specific ways to earn Bethany's rivalry.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

Act 1

The First Sacrifice: Sleep with Jethann after questioning him Rivalry small : rivalry (+5)

Tranquility: After leaving Lirene's Imports, take an aggressive stance against the Fereldans Rivalry small : rivalry (+5)

The Deep Roads Expedition: Leave her behind at home Rivalry small : rivalry (+10)


  • (Bethany's first line in the game after she examines a dead Hurlock) "Scouts... we will have to fight them sooner or later."
  • (Said to Wesley after he tells her to keep her distance, knowing she's an apostate) "Well, the Maker has a sense of humor. Darkspawn, and now a templar. I thought they all abandoned Lothering!"
  • (Said if you allow Bethany to join you after she returns in act three, female Hawke version) "The Hawke Sisters together again, just like old times."


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  • Jennifer Hepler wrote Bethany for Dragon Age II.
  • In the beginning of the game, when Varric is telling the legend of the Champion, Bethany has much larger breasts, possibly an in-joke about Varric's tendency to "exaggerate".
  • In the early gameplay of Dragon Age II Bethany was playable in the fake story of Varric and she was wearing her Circle clothing.
  • Bethany is related to the human Warden from the Magi Origin through her mother, whose maiden name is Amell.[7]
  • Bethany is excited about the possibility of her mother Leandra reclaiming the Amell estate, however she never gets the chance to actually live in it.
  • In her codex page, it is revealed that she was a lot closer to the eldest sibling than Carver. It can also be noted that she was afraid of the idea of a mage Hawke who embraces the idea of being a mage faster than her, as Bethany wanted a normal life for herself.
  • Bethany and Carver are the only companions that do not have their own unique specialization.
  • If asked why her parents protected her from the Circle so much she will reveal that her mother had a cousin who lost many children to the circle, and if the Warden was a Human Mage (imported save) she will also state that one of the children became the Hero of Ferelden and saved them.
  • Leandra reveals that she gave "eighteen years of loving and feeding, and raising" to Bethany, implying that she is eighteen years old at the time of The Destruction of Lothering.
  • When approaching the Qunari compound at the Kirkwall Docks, Bethany will mention that one of them killed her best friends back in Lothering, which is a reference to Sten from Dragon Age:Origins.
  • In the Chantry, Bethany may mention Leliana, saying she misses her telling stories in Lothering.



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